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Cable Burn In with regard to Audio Directionality.

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by oldmate, Jun 12, 2015.
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  1. Steve Eddy

    I meant no meaningful effect. If you want to go crazy, you can say that sitting a foot closer to the cable would have an effect because of the gravitational pull of your body on the electrons. But I wasn't intending to go crazy when I said "no effect."

    These discussions usually involve something called "context." And the context in this case was cable makers that add fixed magnets to their cables. And in that context, my statement is perfectly reasonable. There will be no effect.

    You're really going beyond the pale to find something to argue about. And I'm not the only one who has noticed this.

    You should have stayed on Hydrogen Audio.

  2. barkas

    Wow that is bad. Better stop talking to save what reputation you have left.
    You do know that an NMR uses its small focused field to scan the body a bit at a time, hence it takes so long?

    Regarding the topic, all nonsense, of course, and everything that isn't in this thread, may be measurable but certainly not audible. But some need to believe.
    Exacoustatowner likes this.
  3. dazzerfong

    Wow, now I've truly seen it all. Objectivists arguing at each other.....
  4. Steve Eddy

    Been there, done that. But they were too cheap to hand out t-shirts. :p

    Yeah, it's only "whole body" because they can feed your whole body through the tube, but of course can only scan a small slice at a time, not that they can scan your whole body in one go. Some day perhaps.

  5. Exacoustatowner
     True.Most would be talking about Medical uses.  I was talking about the type used in chemistry labs-but I did not say specify that.
  6. StanD
    With the right cable anything is possible. [​IMG] Don't take that seriously.
  7. Exacoustatowner
    Come on guys- peace treaty? I actually find the overall topic interesting-but the mods are going to nuke the thread any time now.
    NO effect. I think I recall you both clarifying that there is no AUDIBLE effect. It can be inferred that it means no audible effect since that is the overall topic. But when things get personal...
    You can also say "skin effect" does not happen in audio cables-but it can-it just does not affect what we actually hear and is hence irrelevant to audio discussions.
    This is akin to saying that I as an individual have No person gravitational effect. Since I have mass-I do. But good luck seeing it affect anything in the real world. 
  8. Exacoustatowner
    And My Special Cable has been Treated With Quantum Energy to assure ANYTHING is possible! As vetted by Noted Audio Skeptic StanD! Actually saw something about some brand of "Audiophile Fuses" being "Quantum Treated"…. Really! :)
  9. StanD
    I see you're enjoying that animated GIF.
    Skin effect is why one can use a cheaper core (steel, higher resistance) with a copper plating for an RF cable. One would not use this cable for audio since unlike RF, audio would primarily use the core while the RF would ride the outter copper plating.
    For audio cables, how about nothing to lose sleep over.
  10. Exacoustatowner
    Love the GIF!
    Skin effect has no relevance in audio for all real world purposes. And I do in fact have gravitational properties-but insufficient mass to have any real world effect. :)
  11. StanD
    That's because you eat a high fiber diet.  smiley-fart006.gif
  12. Exacoustatowner
    Hah hah!! I DO post a lot of Poo...
  13. StanD
    Nothing compared to the audio elite theorists.
  14. Exacoustatowner
    True dat!
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