C.E.C. HD53N (headphone and speaker amplifier)

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    Hi there,

    My C.E.C. HD53N headphone and speaker amplifier plus a dual XLR 3-pin to 1 XLR 4-pin cable is for sale: 465€ including shipping cost to EU using PayPal friends and family or IBAN transfer (excluding any fee like currency exchange).

    Some interesting data:
    - Very good Japanese amplifier designed by Carlos Candeias, musician and engineer in C.E.C. (now in BMC Audio I believe).
    - Difficult to distinguish from a new unit. The screen protector is still on.
    - It amplifies speakers and headphones.
    - It's really versatile: 2 single ended outputs (for low and high sensitive headphones) that can be used together as one single balanced output. It also has a gain selector and a display to see the selected options.
    - Output power (always in class A):
    -- Headphone LOW: 1.15W x 2 (32Ω))
    -- Headphone HI: 0.25W x 2 (32Ω)
    -- Headphone Balanced: 4.7W x 2 (32Ω)
    -- Speaker: 13W × 2 (8 Ω), 18W × 2 (4Ω)
    - It uses proprietary technologies that allow the HD53N to have an amplification circuit without any feedback loop, essential to allow an intelligent management of the volume and of the frequency response even at low output levels

    More information: http://www.hdphonic.com/en/headphones/cec-hd53n/

    A very good dual XLR 3-pin to 1 XLR 4-pin cable is included so headphones finished in XLR-4 pin can be directly used with this amp.

    Pictures attached.

    Cheers 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 3_5.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
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