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C&C Box V.2 and Fiio E3 amps

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by actorlife, Aug 29, 2011.
  1. actorlife
    I have both these amp for a couple of years. I was just wondering if I should upgrade? To be honest I only use them once in a while. I see a crop of newer amps from various companies for 120 and lower. I've looked at recents good review of the newer amps such as Fiio E7, E11 and also Soundmagic A10(i own the soundmagic L50 and love them). Thoughts? Very grateful for a reply.
  2. actorlife
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    FiiO E6 is a viable option for you as well. Not quite as good as E11 but slightly better than E7. Plus it is dirt cheap at around $30.
  4. actorlife
    What an honor dude I was reading your reviews yesterday. Do you think I can hear any difference between the C&C Box and the E6?
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    I never listened to any C&C before so I can't really tell you how they compare.

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