C&C BK headphone amplifier
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Sep 2, 2010
I have in my hot little hands a brand new, totally unused C&C BK headphone amp. It took a few weeks for it to get here from China, but I don't need it now. Shipping and paypal fees are on me. I'll send it out usps priority mail, so you'll get it in a few days.
Here are the specs as written by C&C:
Professionally designed low-impedance headphones special batteries in portable amp, smaller than a credit card (aluminum case projection), the thickness of a 9-type aluminum alloy pot limit;
dual output headphone jack, OUT2 with a high-quality PtoB impedance line, listening to music for 2 people;
with the gain selector switch, to adapt to a wider range;
dive + low frequency sound field expansion of special compensation to make up the majority of less than headphones, sound is more perfect;
imported high quality fever potential, selection of matching left and right balance, ensure the sound quality;
using large-capacity high performance lithium polymer battery with charge and discharge protection;
Built-in smart charging circuit voltage will not overcharge, can listen to music while charging;
all tantalum capacitors + red WIMA coupling enthusiast, isolated power supply design, the sound is  ;
Maximum output power: 300mW +300 mW;
headphone adapter Impedance: 8-300ohm;
THD + N: <0.001%;
Frequency response :10-100kHz / 1dB;
Long life time: about 80 hours;
Pocket size, Size: 76 * 57 * 13mm (aluminum housing);
Weight (including batteries): 100g;
Charging Power Interface: 5V0.5A DC, Universal mini USB interface
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