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Bye hd598, hello beyer t90?

  1. XposR
    I'm a hd598 owner and have been burning them in for 6 months. They are my first decent headphones purchased, although they have many pro's for that price range, they are not for me. I hardily like to put them on my head anymore purely down to them being so.. Laid back. I need more base and excitement in my life.
    So I'm upping my price range and currently looking at around the beyerdynamic t90 price range.
    I currently have an O2 amp but I've heard this is a very neutral amp? So should I look for something else if I want a more exciting sound? I also have a titanium HD sound card.

    I like listening to all genres of music. I'm not a bass head but I certainly need more than the hd598's. I need a good soundstage for gaming/movies. I'm willing to lose some of the detail you get from the 598s to have a more fun headphone as I'm not a competitive gamer.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. XposR
    Also I'm looking into the beyerdynamic dt990 is there a huge difference between the t9 and dt990?
  3. ostewart
    Was listening to the T90 on my O2 last night. They sound fine together, nice body with spacious sound and they are more exciting than the senns you have.
  4. XposR
  5. ostewart
    DT990 are fine as well. The T90 are more refined and also the DT990 mids are a little recessed in comparison. The DT990 also has more bass impact.
  6. XposR
    That's great. Thanks for the info it's just confirmed what I thought. I think for my ears as I'm not an audiophile I'll go for the dt990 as I can get some used/like new ones for half their amazon prize. I'd like that they have more base also.
    Cheers for replying
  7. moshin29
    The DT990 will be a great investment. You can also check the Pro version which is 250Ohm, it should be around $150 new on amazon. I, myself, got one of these and i should say, they are BEAST!!! The sound is just amazing. you gonna love em! [​IMG]
  8. XposR
    I managed to get the 600ohm premiums for around $150 used shipped and sold by amazon uk :D looking forward to receiving then
  9. moshin29
    Great!!! :D
    Do let us know how it pairs with the O2. Cheers [​IMG] 
  10. rommy
    I had 598s, sent them right back. Too dull, weren't special in any area. You will love the T90s. They sound great with any type of music you can throw at them.
  11. XposR
    hey dude, i got my dt990's come through 3 days ago so thought id send you a quick reply. I'm not an Audiophile so i cant go into as much detail as you probably could, but i can say im extremly happy with how they match up with the o2 amp for now. I'm blown away at how much better they sound than my senn's 598, its making me want to wear them all day listening to my fav music and also game for hours as everything sounds awesome now. The o2 amp,when connected to my iphone, powers them just enough so that it gets to the point where i would never want them any louder, it doesn't get to the point of blowing my ears off but i think its just enough that I'm happy with it. but when i get them connected to my computer with a titanium HD sound card+O2 they can literally blow my ears off with awesomeness, but again i dont need to and will probably never will go so loud. as for the sound, all i can say is that I'm extremely happy with the sound. action movies will blow you away. playing battlefield 4 will put you in the battle... thats the best way i can describe it. Please if anyone reads this do not make the mistake of getting the Sennheiser hd598 , trust me they are too laid back. there is lots of detail, a tad more then the dt990, but you will also fall asleep listening to them. if you are using them to listen to audio books before you go to sleep then go ahead and get the 598's.
  12. ostewart
    Knew you'd like them :)
  13. moshin29
    Nice!!! :D I'm glad you like them as much as i do.. And yes, battlefield 4 does come alive with these headphones. Too bad my left ear is temporarily deaf, and i'm not able to enjoy them these days. :frowning2:
  14. thegunner100
    Just because you like the dt990's sound signature more doesn't mean that others should completely stay away from the hd598. We all have our preferences, and I definitely prefer the hd600s over the dt990. The dt990 is way too bright for me, and has too much bass depending on the genre.
  15. XposR

    Yes, very true. I did go a little overboard saying that. The senn's are great so I apologise for that comment. And a lot of people love them. But unfortunately they are not for me. If I had money to dispose of then I would keep them because they are great for classical music and easy listening. Again as everyone also says, it comes down to personal preference. You have to trial headphones out

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