Buying T50RP in Europe
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Sep 4, 2013
Hey all
2 things on my mind; I want to start modding to get a feel for the planer drivers. So I set out to find a good place to buy a set of T50RP cans as cheap as possible. This seems rather difficult in Europe, as they simply don't import them. 
On E-bay these babies are selling for 110$ + right now. You can add VAT and international shipping to that. At that rate I can just as well buy a mod! :D does stock the T40RP. for 116 EUROS. Then I read this:
They look identical to me in all ways except the metal rods connecting the earcups to the head band are silver on the T20 and gold on the T50. The T20 also does not have a hanger screw cover inside the cup. The drivers is both models appear to be the same. The T50 driver might sound marginally better, but that could be psycho-acoustic too since I know the T50s cost more.
Can anyone confirm this? Or could you advise me where to buy a pair of these cans?
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T20RP: "RP-Series Semi-Open Headphones" - Silver color adjustment rods
T40RP: "RP-Series Closed Headphones" - Silver color adjustment rods
T50RP: "RP-Series Damped Semi-Open Headphones" - Copper color adjustment rods
All three use the same driver apparently.

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