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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by gtiboy, Sep 12, 2012.
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  1. HoloSpice
    Any updates? I'm planning purchasing a pair of Stax SR-009... >_>
  2. plektret

    Stay away from PJ!!!
    My paid order from June 2016 has still not shipped. They completely ignore my emails. It's obvious I've been scammed. I'm currently trying to save up for another pair of L700/353X.
  3. TSAVJason
    You paid by credit card right? Just dispute the charges. I don't think you're getting scammed, I think you've made a purchase from a company that is just one person and from what I've heard this man has passed away or is extremely ill. My thoughts are he is gone and won't be back but I don't think he was a scammer just a grey market seller. His last notice to the public was he would be back and getting caught up on orders in August. August has come and gone.
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  4. plektret

    As I had ordered from PJ twice before without any problems it felt safe enough to pay by bank wire. Unfortunate there's no way I can get my money back. I don't know about Kaneda, but someone has recently been updating the site, removing old notices, updating prices etc.
  5. yates7592

    I would look elsewhere. I tried to buy SR009 from them several months back and luckily for me I got no reply to emails so I went elsewhere. With the dire state of the UK Pound to pretty much every currency going I wasn't even saving that much.
  6. MariusValentin
    If you go to trustedreviews site ,you will see lots of customers are complaining for not receiving their units after months of making the payment.
    I heard the owner is hospitalized ,strangely the page is updating every week.
  7. kodreaming
    Keep in mind that you can't get repair if there is a problem when you buy from proxy service.  
    Given how fragile or just terrible QC combined with lack of customer caring in general, if you really want it, buy from the authorized dealer.
    It is better to pay for that peace of mind instead of owning an unusable piece of xxxx in the future.
  8. justin w. Contributor
    We've sent out brand new pairs to customers with problem sr-009 and then we deal with the repairs, sometimes at great cost to us. Also have used many srm-323s amps as complimentary loaners.
  9. HoloSpice
    Anyone bought sr-009 from smart imports? Are they safe?   I'm About to pull the trigger on them..
  10. TSAVJason
    I know this is a late reply and I've only just received an answer from STAX Japan but Smart Imports is not recognized as an Authorized STAX Dealer. STAX Japan has indicated issues could happen if you buy from them.
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  11. Thaudiophile
    I can't access price japan now, why?
  12. gearofwar
    They stole my Onkyo unit , last reply was on August last year .
  13. astrostar59
    I would say that 'updating' is a script, i.e. not a person changing anything. Regardless leaving up a website on a dead company that accepts payments is FRAUD.
  14. labrat
    I checked with PJ , compared with the national dealer here in Norway, and bought the demo 507 from the local dealer for the same price as I would have had to pay for the 507 from PJ.
    And saved the shipping and VAT on top of the price from PJ!
    Then after a month the carrier part between the headband and the headcase carrier broke.
    The dealer eventually let me have a 207 so I could use the headband/carrier assy complete with my headcases while waiting for a new headband and parts.
    Here in Norway I now have a 5 year warranty to be handled by the dealership, no shipping costs or fear of being rejected by Stax!
    If possible, take the costs and buy from your closest dealer when it is such costly and fragile items!
  15. Thaudiophile
    How did you open price japan?I tried to but something called Gabia.login always comes out.
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