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Buying Stax SR-009 From PriceJapan.com??

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gtiboy, Sep 12, 2012.
  1. gtiboy
    Hi all, has anyone here successfully bought headphones from PriceJapan.com?  I see the prices of Stax SR-009 is over a £1000 cheaper once you do the currency conversion into pounds. My question is will you be charged VAT and import duty? or is it like any normal package coming from abroad and slips by customs?
  2. niten
    I would try asking over in summit-fi sub-forum.
  3. catscratch Contributor
    People here buy from PJ all the time. I'm not sure about how customs work, that will depend on where in the world you are. The main concern with buying from PJ is that local Stax retailers will not repair anything bought from a grey market retailer, and Stax will not deal with you directly. Your main option will be to send stuff back into PJ if it breaks, and they will forward it to Stax. Kind of a lengthy procedure and the shipping costs both ways can add up. People that had to send their 009 in for repairs multiple times ended up paying more than what they would have from a local retailer. Mind you, those issues supposedly have been fixed.

    I'd say go for it. And yes, ask in summit-fi.

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