Buying first pair of headphones...(newb warning)
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New Head-Fier
Aug 2, 2010
0 thinking about buying a pair of headphones....i have always used earbuds..but im getting tired of the lack of comfort and sound quality. is what i want
1. good sound quality (duh) but im not an audiophile..(but the way things are going i may become one) so i dont need the end ones
2. looking so something under 100 dollars..i know that it seems like a longshot..but i dont need ultra high quality sound. I just need something that is better than earbuds and can handle deep bass.
3. comfort..i spend a large part of my day at my computer...and earbuds become uncomfortable
4. long at least for a couple of years..unlike my earbuds
sorry about the newb question

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