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Sep 13, 2002
I just found these web sites and thought I'd share them with anyone who might be interested:

They have better pricing than some other web sites I used to buy from (ie who did not charge shipping when they first opened but does so now). deepdiscount also advertises free shipping and lowest total price (unit price + shipping) guarantee or price matching of other on-line retailers. I have not found this from other vendors before so this surprised me a bit.

I don't mean for this to sound like an advertisement and I'm not affiliated with these sites in any way - just hope this might help someone find music and movies for a good price...

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I went there and tried to find the artists that not everybody carries. The Crown, they had several; At The Drive In, no show; Dark Angel, one came up. It seems these guys may be okay. Thanks RWS.
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they've even got some of the great psy-trance stuff i've been looking for. some old juno reactor, hallucinogen, shpongle. and great prices on em too. even with the cost of international shipping it looks pretty awesome.

can't find some of the more obscure stuff that i'm into. but hey for the stuff i can find. it's great!
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Cool. Sounds like this might've been helpful so I'm happy.

I looked for more mainstream rock and some not so mainstream (happy to find band called Athenaeum but not all albums) and though I didn't find everything I searched for, I did see better prices on what I did find compared to local stores and other on-line sources.

If you make a purchase, let us know about your experience as I have no data regarding their customer service. I just found these sites recently.
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Not a bad site at all, although it may not have as many obscure titles I've used Playcentric ( a few times and have been very happy.

When you buy 4 CDs they up your shipping to USPS Priority for free (when you pay for 1st class) and with the discount code NLHALL35, you get $3.50 of every CD. I did one quick comparison and found that for the 4 CDs the playcentric price (everyhting included) was $42.94, while the deep discount price was $46.62. Plus instead of the standard shipping which deapdiscount offers for free (5-12 business days) you get priority (2-3 business days).

Plus the more CDs you buy the better the deal gets up to 10 (thats where the promotion stops offering the $3.50/CD off, but the have a new promotion every 2 weeks just need a new code). Becuase the shipping is $3.99 for 1st CD $0.99 thereafter.

I'm not affiliated in anyway with Playcentric or Deepdiscount, just giving some advice that I've found to save some cash.

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Wow, good sites all around. PlayCentric has The Song Remains the Same for $17. Woo hoo.

My old standby for stuff I can't get from BMG is still Tower Records online. If you're a university student and have a Student Advantage card you get a 10% discount off everything and they have the widest selection of any retailer I've found, at least for the kind of music I listen to. Lots of imports and hard to find titles.

Thanks for the heads-up on these other sites.

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I've used the deepdiscount sites before and gotten some good deals but I didn't know about Playcenter
so I checked it out...

Okay, so I'm now $125 poorer...but I got 3 DVDs and 9 CDs out the door and shipped for that price!!! There selection is kind of hit and miss, but their prices start low and when you factor in the $3.25 discount, per item, it's quite the deal.

Anyway, Zin_Ramu, next time you are pounding down your favourite cold beverage, you should pretend that I bought it for you...

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Originally posted by bioxeed
they've even got some of the great psy-trance stuff i've been looking for. some old juno reactor, hallucinogen, shpongle. and great prices on em too. even with the cost of international shipping it looks pretty awesome.

Dude, we need to talk, those are three of my favourite techno artists. Start a techno thread or something...tell me some of the other things you like...Oliver Lieb (L.S.G.)? Rip-Off Artist? Fax?
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I love

- their prices are great, sometimes very low, always decent at the least. Almost always beats cdnow, usually a little higher than - who don't have a very good stock though.

- they accept money orders (a must for me, can't pay by credit card)

- everything they list is in stock AND they generally have a better selection than most sites which DO list out of stock items.

- out of about 55 total cds I've ordered, only one ended up being backordered (which was a japanese import, it went out of stock the day after I sent the money order). The cd and rest of the order just shipped today actually.

- they have shipped the next day (after receiving my payment) on most of my orders. The one I mentioned above (backordered item) is the only one that took longer than two days.

Also, they're customer certified at, and actually have the highest rating out of cd stores (the only ones higher than them aren't cd stores). Obviously people besides me like their service too, though I rarely see them mentioned in all of the forums I go to.

The only other places I buy from are for used cds; and ebay for cds I can't find, bootlegs, or just good deals.

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