Buying a Shure SE 215 from ebay. Questions
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Aug 22, 2011
I can get a normal one for a $105.
and a Special edition for a $125
is special edition worth it?

Should I buy from a Hong Kong dealer or a Japanese dealer?
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It's only a filter change, I believe. It's a bit bassier. So depends. What do you prefer? And both dealers should be fine. HK and Japan are both famous for audio gears. Just choose the one with best shipping and warranty.
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  I like bassy headphones more. But they might have changed other things too in the special edition. 

I've had them both(well, my friend has the SPE). It's not really that different honestly. Blue(SPE) is more bassy, and has a slightly more extended bass. The drivers seemed identical, so the only difference that I see is the filters. Oh, the shorter cable is definitely sweeter on the SPE. If you like bassy more, I would recommend the SPE.

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