Buying a new amp ?
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Sep 26, 2008
Recently I’ve bought Westone UM2 which replaced my Creative EP630. I listen both with iPod Nano 3rd gen.
I must admit that there is a big difference in sound quality between this 2 IEMs. UM2 are much more detailed and controlled (especially in bass).
My question is what can I expect buying a new portable amp for my iPod and UM2.
Is the difference really worth of 450 – 600$ ? (I’m considering a new SR-71A or iQube – I read that they are one of the best). I’m afraid that the difference will be very subtle not as big as when I changed earphones... I wish I had an opportunity to listen them both...
On this forum I can read about differences between amps but can anybody tell me something about the difference between sound from iPod (headphone socket) and iPod (line-out) + good amp ?
What can I expect?
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Little Bob

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Sep 29, 2008
I recently bought an SR-71A and a custom LOD (from L'il Knight on here) to use with my iPod 5.5G 80GB in a quest for improved sound quality, so I guess I was in exactly the sam position you are in now.

I can't comment on the iQube as I haven't heard one, but what I can say is that I have never enjoyed listening to music more than I do now.

The amp has opened up the detail of the music, improved the bass (tighter, with more depth) increased the soundstage dramatically and just made tracks sound more involving.
There is no hiss when the music is quiet - the blacks are black.

I have listened to the iPod through the HO and I have switched back to the amp quickly, I can't go back now.

Coupled with decent IEMS (as you have) I think you will really appreciate the difference.

The SR-71A is a beautifully made piece of kit, engineered to last with a definite pedigree from Ray, and with a 30 day guarantee it's a compelling proposition.

As there's only going to be 500 made you may need to make your decision quickly though...

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