Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted.
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Sony MDR-RF915RK Wireless headphones...

I thought it would be great without a wire...well it was, for knowing every time a mobile phone rang within 200m.
+ The sound quality was extremely poor.

But they where pretty decent at picking up "snow" noise and even unwanted radio stations.

They only fun they brought me was then they caught the signal of my neighbour (who also had a wireless headset) watching guess..., haha I laughed so hard.

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Phones must do several things for me. The sound should be light and airy, the bass not muddy the mids and they should disappear. I know a phone's good when I stop listening to the phone and only listen to the music. While I'm seduced by the sound of my SR60s and Lambda Pros I'd never buy them again because they never disappear.
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Originally Posted by kevinsinnott
Grado SR60 - Too bright and harsh... and flimsily made.

I thought I was the only one. Absolutely hated them. I guess I'm just not really a Grado guy. I don't think I ever got rid of a product as quick as I did those. But I did think they were nice to look at. Got some HD595s the week after and never regretted.
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SA5000 for me. Most fatiguing headphone I've ever listen to. I like the CD3K much better. I've owned the CD3K's for a quite awhile now and I thought the SA5000 was going to be an improvement. Not to my ears. I tried both with my Raptor. No contest. Sold the SA5000's.
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Originally Posted by Jim Barry
Why, what's wrong with them? I find them much more comfortable than the pleather jobs.

My worst purchase of recent times was the Shure E2c. I find them very uncomfortable due to the thicker stems compared to other IEMs. Even the smallest sleeves are too big for me. And don't get me started about those stupid stick-on wax guards.

They just sound awful. They muddy up the mids and highs, and suck out the bass. Have you tried putting the pleather pads back on after listening to the velours for awhile?
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E3cs. Possibly the worst IEM-value around. Too much money for too little sound.
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Originally Posted by Meyvn
They just sound awful. They muddy up the mids and highs, and suck out the bass. Have you tried putting the pleather pads back on after listening to the velours for awhile?

Interesting... no, I haven't tried the pleather pads again since getting the velours. They are kind of a pain to change over but I will give it a try when I have a moment. I have to say the highs are already crystalline and it's hard to imagine them being any clearer. The bass is definitely a bit lacking but that's how it was with the pleather pads too.
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Originally Posted by ObiHuang
My last regret were Shure's E4Cs which I thought were going to be the best thing since sliced bread but turned out to be similar to the er6i's. With all the talk about "getting the right seal" I would wet those things, jam them in super deep, cup my hands over my ears (just kidding), nothing helped. I really did try to like these earphones, but none of the ipod's equalizer settings could give me the sound I wanted so back went the Shures.

The E4c sound different to the ER6i
The E4c is more refined and has more detail. Bass is also much more free and IMO, the E4c is worth its price (approx twice of ER6i). I've had both for a long time until very recently when I lost the E4c. Anyway...

I haven't had any real regrets. I guess the SR325i would just about qualify by a cat's whisker: I got them, listened to them and absolutely hated them. However after a few days and hundreds of hours of burn-in, these goldies actually sounded wonderful! Too bad the comfort wasn't all that great.
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Creative Aurvana's No high treble to speak of, somewhat closed in sound across the rest of range. Also the Ultimate Ear Super Fi 3 Studios, Sound mostly ok on home setup, still needs some more body but not unlistenable, but unlistenable on my Zen Xtra & Sony portable CD player. Not enough body,too thin sounding,emphasis on midrange. I had high hopes for these. It was after buying these I decided to try modifying the EX71's
Oct 5, 2006 at 7:26 AM Post #148 of 336 5 EBs.

Luckily they were returnable, no amount of EQing could tame that bass machine.
Oct 5, 2006 at 7:49 AM Post #149 of 336
Sennheiser HD580 Jubilee. It really was an impulse buy, and I paid much more for it than I should have. I've only used them once since they arrived a while ago. Maybe it'll change when my woodies are done...
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Recently, I got a set of the new Sony MDR-EX90SL buds. They didn't measure up to what I was hoping - fiddly fit, no isolation, rather weak output, plus they are as pricey as a set of D66SL's which are a much better headphone.

I was very disappointed in my ER4P's, two broken stems (sad and frustrating design fault) after a couple years of use and ER wouldn't go good for fixing them, ended up selling these IEM's for basically the cost of the repair. Bah.

I had a set of those awful Sony MDR-Q55Sls clip-ons. Sorry excuse for a phone.

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