Buyers preremorse?
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Sep 15, 2003
My old Grado 325s gave up the ghost due to an unfortunate accident and needed a replacement. Started looking into some canals due to a high ambient sound level, i.e. kids, and decided to try the Marshmallows(?) I read about here. I was never interested in IEMs before but I thought the Marshmallows showed some promise. Went up the ladder to Vibes but am not satisfied with the EQ needing the profile of a brontosaurus, if you know what I mean. No definition or detail across the spectrum, could barely make out cymbals, but they did have a nice homogenous sound when tortured into submission.

Still looking for a canalphone with a signature similar to Grados.

Tonight I pulled the trigger on the Shure SE420s without having heard them. Read a good review here and on the net about the 530s but they were stretching my budget a bit. Of course I should have stopped reading while I was still in a positive mood, but then I came across some more negative posts and am now feeling a bit of icky-funk.

I'll be using these with a Music Hall cd player and Gilmore amp, but mostly on a Zen and PC and rarely on a pda/phone
I suppose I could cancel the order since it wouldn't be processed yet anyway. Decisions, decisions. I'll probably stick it out eagerly and anxiously for a couple of days and see how they fare. As long as they are a decent improvement over these vibes in the detail department I should be happy. For a while.

Thanks for letting me waste your time.
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Originally Posted by Mule /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thanks for letting me waste your time.

Grrr. That is EXACTLY what happened (I am supposed to be writing a paper).

Have you looked into Q-Jays ?
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Ugh, you wanted a Grado-like sound and you chose the Shures?

Should have gone for the Livewires at least. That, or the UE 10 Pro.

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