Buyer/Seller Feedback Guidelines
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Jun 26, 2001
This is a reminder to those who use the Buyer/Seller Feedback forum -- PLEASE read this message (also available at

It's particularly important that you post to EXISTING threads -- duplicate threads make the forum much more difficult for members to use effectively. The moderators spent a few hours today cleaning up the forum, and there were over 40 users with multiple feedback threads, and 13 had three or more! (It's not just "new" members, either -- some long-time members are just as guilty.)


Head-Fi's "Buyer/Seller Feedback" forum exists for members to provide feedback after buying something from or selling something to another Head-Fi member (or a vendor). Here are a few guidelines and tips:

1) Use it
If you buy from a fellow Head-Fi'er, or sell something to one, leave feedback for them! The more feedback that exists, the better the resource the Feedback forum will be for other buyers/sellers.

2) Do not be afraid of posting negative comments if you truly had a negative experience. The Feedback forum is not very helpful if it only provides positive feedback. (That said, negative feedback should be based on a negative transaction, not personal grudges.)

[COLOR=dark red]3) BEFORE creating a NEW feedback thread for a member or vendor, please make sure that an existing thread for that member or vendor does not already exist. The easiest way to do this is to use the "search" function, searching for the username in the title only, and limiting the search to the Buyer/Seller Feedback forum. You can also browse for a member's name by changing the "Showing threads" setting to "by Thread title" and "from the beginning." This will show *every* feedback thread by username (in alphabetical order).

If the person or vendor already has an existing thread, please add your comments there. If you need to start a new thread, please use the member's username as the thread title. (Make sure you spell the username correctly so that your thread will show up in searches.)[/COLOR]

4) Please limit comments to your personal transaction experiences -- the Feedback forum is not a discussion forum. If your experience was less than ideal, try to explain exactly what happened on a factual basis -- you may be upset, but don't flame. If the buyer/seller is someone to avoid dealing with in the future, your explanation of exactly what happened should be enough to inform others.

5) If you disagree with a negative comment written about you, it is your reponsibility to contact the person who posted it and resolve the situation; you can ask the person to edit or ammend their negative post. Discussions of the transaction are not appropriate in this forum.

6) Posting experiences with vendors can also be helpful to other members. If you're posting feedback for a vendor, look for threads that start with "VENDOR." Likewise, if you're starting a new feedback thread for a vendor, use a title such as "VENDOR: vendorname."

7) If you purchased a product from one of our members who is building and selling products for a profit, please post under their vendor/company name, not their member name.
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Aug 3, 2003
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I know I'm new here, and this has nothing to do with feedback, but......

I have been searching through the "Gear for Sale/Trade" forum from time to time. If I see something I'm interested in, I make sure it doesn't say SOLD anywhere, then I either PM or e-mail the seller.

Well, I have contacted 4 different sellers so far, all of which have already sold their gear, but never modified or updated their thread.

It gets very frustrating after about the second time, wasting the time of write a message about something that doesn't even exist anymore.

If it were me, I would post a "sticky" thread or make up a "rule" stating that if you plan to sale something in the forums, that you make sure to keep it up to date as far as if the item has been sold or not, or sale pending. (which I did see a few pending ones)

So obviously, not everyone is at fault, but the ones who are, they are just wasting mine, and I'm sure others time.

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