Burson Supreme Sound Audio V5-OPA-D,V5-OPA-S Review
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Alex did suggest using the OPA627 but at the same time he didn't sound very convinced.

The BB OPA627BP finally arrived, just rolled them into the Lycan

Does anyone know where the Lycan thread went to? What happened to it?
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  It's here now

Thank you!
  Can't wait to here your impressions on the OPA627BP.
I wanted to roll more opamps, but they are just so expensive. (The good ones)
Ranging from $10USD to $60

That's fairly cheap. You should see some of my tube's prices 

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True, true.
Well, my dilemma is that I already bought 4 SS OPA-V5-D. And they sound fantastic. What is my motivation to spend another $100 or so on other opamps that likely won't be better. And god forbid, if I prefer say.. the Muse01/02. I have to fork out another $250 to replace the opamps in my soundcard.
At that point, I mind as well invest it into something else. That's all. It's fun, and I'm sure I will try more opamps in the future.
So how expensive are those tubes? The most expensive I've bought are a matched pair of PSVANE 12AU7s
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I forwarded a recent LH Labs HPA update to Burson and they contacted Larry and he now has samples to try for an optional board in the HPA. It would be great if these were able to get more in the mainstream.
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I am the proud owner of the fabulous Matrix M-Stage headphone amp. Immediately, out of the box, I loved this headphone amp. I am also a Radio Broadcast Engineer. I maintain radio stations, and have been, for a number of decades now. Radio stations are loaded with audio equipment. I have been listening to, and educating myself, on audio, for over 50 years. I also enjoy audio at home too, where I am better able to critically listen. My current favorite headphones are the SONY model 7506. I'm sure you have seen these everywhere. I have tried many sets of headphones over the years, but I seem to always come back to these, as I feel that they are extremely flat sounding, but at the same time, extremely revealing.
Purchasing the Matrix M-Stage has made my headphone listening take on a whole new experience. I thought this was the ultimate I've ever heard in headphone listening...until, I replaced the M-Stage's stock OPA 2134 op-amp chip, with a Burson Audio V5 SS (Supreme Sound) op-amp chip. Whoa! Immediately out of the box, I heard a difference in sound with this V5 chip. But, was the sound an improvement over the stock chip? I really had to study the sound of this chip, because it was was so dramatically different than the OPA 2134. It only took a few day days before I realized that the V5 SS chip was simply amazing, to the point, I probably couldn't live without it.
One of the most impressive aspects of the V5 is the improvement it makes in S/N ratio. Now S/N ratio is something I definitely know about. I strive for, not only in my home audio system, but also in the radio station studios I maintain, for the lowest noise floor possible. The Burson Audio V5 SS op-amp delivers an amazingly quiet noise floor. Music simply rises out of a blacker than black background. The bass response of this chip is to die for, and the high frequencies are unbelievable. I couldn't believe the texture I was hearing from violins. If you have an M-Stage, do your ears a favor, and give this op-amp a try. You won't regret it, as it is worth every cent. Changing out the op-amp is simple.
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I wish I could replace the opamps in my RSA Apache with the v5 but even with the leg extensions I have not been able to get them to fit given the height inside the Apache preamp case.  Instead I have been focused on using the v5 in the SSA Lycan and really enjoy the sound signatures.  Even in this small inexpensive amp, in direct comparison to the internal amplifiers of the Pulse Infinity and the Liquid Carbon, I find tend to drift back to the Lycan with v5.  Even comparing the single ended of the Lycan to the balanced out of the Infinity and the Liquid Carbon, the v5 just seems to have a real naturalness to its sound.  
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Hello everyone, I am new on this thread but I have posted on the Gustard H10 thread, where also the V5 are discussed lately.
I posted a review of the Gustard H10 with the Burson Op-Amps here:
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Thanks for all the support here guys. A number of DIYer has modded their ASUS Xonar Essence STX with the V5 with great result. 
We in the Burson Lab has taken by the idea and take it one step further with additional MKP cap mod. Check this out: http://www.bursonaudio.com/asus-xonar-essence-stx-upgraded-with-supreme-sound-v5-op-amps/
The result is really worthwhile and I think this should be a great idea for other V5 opamp modding project too :) 

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I've been meaning to post some pictures of the Matrix M-Stage, with and without the Burson Audio V5-OPA-D op-amp chip. For those of you that have the M-Stage, the chip is very easily installed. BTW, back to the sound of this chip - there is so much more air around each instrument with the V5 chip. You just have to try one! 
I'm new with the inserting pictures on this website, so I hope this works. I have a total of 5 Matrix M-Stages (yes, I love them that much). Pictured is one in one of the radio station's production studios. Since headphones are plugged, and unplugged, on a daily basis (numerous times), you'll see a simple headphone plug extender box plugged into the M-Stage. This allows me to conveniently replace the external jack, when needed, from wear.
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It don't it takes you directly to the main page of the site and not your photos. There should be a link that they give you that will either your account name or a bunch of numbers that leads to your photos or an photo.
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In my reviews of the Burson Audio Supreme Sound V5-OPA-D op-amp chip, I may have neglected to mention, how, when comparing it to the Matrix M-Stage's stock OPA2134 op-amp, that it replaces, how there is so much less high frequency smear with the Burson Audio chip. There is simply no denying that. I also need to mention how incredibly wide the soundstage is with the V5 op-amp. For instance, when something is panned right, with the V5 op-amp, it seems to be so far right, that it is almost beyond belief, which would mean that the chip has incredible separation. Listening to audio through the Supreme Sound V5 op-amp is an experience that you may have never heard before. It's an all around (necessary) worthwhile upgrade (IMO), and it sounds absolutely fantastic through my trusty reference SONY 7506 headphones. I'd also like to mention how stable audio sounds through the V5. With the OPA 2134, I can hear some image movement of frequencies and instruments. With the V5, these images are now rock solid. I am mainly a transistor guy, because I like low distortion (unless it's made by the musicians). Most of the times I recognize distortion by a haze around the audio. With the Supreme Sound V5 chip, I don't hear any haze at all.   
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Gustard H10 with Burson Supreme Sound V5S and V5D installed:

Courtesy of Dennis at Burson Audio I have been listening to the Gustard H10 with a full boat of Burson Supreme Sound V5S and V5D (see pic above). 100 hrs burn in on these has been done, as Burson Audio suggests.
  • Soundstage is much improved from stock. Width and depth is much bigger, and the ability to place instruments in their location relative to the listener is very impressive. Instrument separation is very strong, instruments have a specific location in the sound field and do not deviate from that location.
  • Bass with the stock opamps is good, though extension and texture could be improved. The Bursons give me the extension and texture I want. Bass no longer seems somewhat “smeared” as some have described, but is clearly defined with complex layering. When the music calls for it, it is deep and rich with very strong authority (especially with my 400i). Wonderful!
  • Mids are rich and detailed, just more of the same goodness the stock opamps provide.
  • Treble is wonderfully extended and much more detailed and clear than stock. A slight “smearing” and roll off is evident with the stock amps in the treble as well (IMO), but the Bursons get in the music and clear all that up, serving richly detailed and extended treble. No hint whatsoever of harshness or sibilance to my ears, even on my more piecing Beyerdynamic cans.
  • Timbre and tone are both excellent, a nice improvement from that same goodness the stock amps had. I agree with previous reviewers, in that the music through the v5s feel more real to me. Just sounds more like I am at a concert listening to the music live, rather than a recording – which is wonderful! Relative to stock, the V5s give me the sense that I could reach out and touch the musicians.
  • Overall the biggest impression the V5s have in the H10 is a sense of authority to the music. The music grabs my ears, forces me to pay attention and listen/enjoy. The stock amps were enjoyable, but they never commanded my attention like the Burson V5s do.
I would definitely recommend the Burson Supreme Sound V5 opamps for anyone with a Gustard H10 looking to opamp roll. I do think they are worth the asking price, and have turned my excellent value H10 into the best amp I have personally ever heard, especially for the price.
Bravo Burson Audio!

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