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Burson Play Home Trial Invitation: Amp/DAC/Preamp/Mic input (2Watts pc, op-amp rollers dream)

  1. selvakumar
    GOT my BURSON AUDIO PLAY today shipping to India takes only a week thank you Burson and ALEX for helping me ill post picture of retail packing and accessories comes with PLAY
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  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    I received a shipping notice, the new Play should be here next Wednesday. I look forward to getting it and comparing it to my Infinity v2.0 which recently made it back from LH Labs.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    I assume were using the other thread moving forward... I do have the unit at this time. I got the shipping notice on the like 9th and picked up on yesterday
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  4. ngoshawk
    I would love to audition the Play. I have heard from a couple on here that the little critter is mighty fine!

    • Your city of residence and country. (please don't disclose your real name and full street address
    Warrensburg, MO, USA
    • A list of your current audio equipment and headphones
    Focal Elear
    UM Maestro V2
    Campfire Audio Jupiter
    Vibro Aria
    VModa Crossfade Wireless
    (All with SE & Bal cables)

    Shanling M3s/M5
    MacBook Pro w/ iFi BL/iTubes2/iDAC2
    Compared with iBasso PB3 & Aune B1s
    • A photo of your audio system
    DCA378B6-4888-4944-B684-1B7820541512.jpeg 5A5ED730-6AB2-4869-B443-67E41FFD12C4.jpeg

    Thank you for the opportunity!
  5. Benjet
    [​IMG] Wouldn't mind giving one of these a listen. I've had a bit of experience with Burson opamp. Started with a V5i which I swapped into a QED Digit dac with great results. Since then they are my go to opamp for my builds. Would be great to hear how they sound in their amp.

    My Info
    Live in Brisbane, Australia

    My audio equipment:
    Dac Stage and Amps:
    1. Dragonfly Red
    2. Gustard X20 pro connected to the media pc using a Pink Faun PCI-e to I2s interface card
    3. QED Digit bitstream DAC. Heavily modified. Burson V6 Vivid in outpup stage
    4. Chord Mojo
    5. Bottlehead Crack (Clone)
    6. M3 AMB Laboratories solid state amp (built from kit)
    7. 2 x K272x hybrid amps in balanced configuration running 2 x Burson V6 Classic dual opamps as output stage
    8. 2 x Thackray hybrid amps in balanced configuration
    9. Millet Nutube hybrid running 2 x Burson V6 Vivid singles

    1. UE 900i IEM
    2. UE Triple Fi 10 IEM
    3. HD650
    4. HD800s
    5. HE-350
    6. HE-500
    7. HE1000 V1
    8. LCD3
    9. AKG 553

    Pics to come when I work out how to do it..... :frowning2:
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  6. Benjet
    headfi.jpg [​IMG]
    Burson Play review

    What is it?

    DAC and headphone amp combo

    What makes it different?

    Designed as a standalone unit or more importantly, to be integrated into a pc, fitting into a optical
    drive bay and powered off the computers PSU. This is a standout feature of this device giving you
    high performance, great sound and excellent PC integration. Also has a mic input, so it’s perfect
    for gaming!

    Another great feature is it ability to roll opamps. This is something I can relate to as I have several
    tube amps which I roll tubes with. Although rolling opamps won’t give you as much variation as
    with tubes, you still have the ability to tune the amp to your taste. I’m a great fan of the Burson V6
    range of opamps, they are my “go to” upgrades for many of my devices. I was glad they included
    some with this amp for me to try. I did most of my listening using these and if I was looking at
    getting a Play, I would seriously consider getting these. The Classic variety would be my pick.


    PC integration or stand alone unit
    Powerful DAC section - 32 bit/384kHz and also DSD up to 256
    Pre out so you can hook up to your own amplifier
    2 Watts headphone output
    Typical awesome build quality of Burson products
    Opamp rolling
    Class A solid state amplifier design
    Optional remote

    The usual declarations...

    I’m not employed or associated with Burson. This amp was given to me on a loan basis with no
    instructions other than to write a review on my impressions. My qualifications, two working ears
    and an opinion.

    Ok that’s the easy part, now for the hard stuff, how’s it sounds. First a little background on my
    journey with amps and DACs. My first serious rig consisted of some Hifiman HE-500 and a Fiio
    amp/DAC combo. Since then I’ve had multiple systems ending up with now a bespoke tube
    headphone amp, Gustard x20pro DAC and Focal Utopias. It wouldn’t be fair fight putting these
    systems head to head, although if my rig was rated with a score of 10 out of 10 the Play would be
    in the region of a 9ish, so no slouch by any means and with a price tag of about one tenth of my
    amp and DAC, it certainly represents value for money.

    Play vs Utopias

    If you haven’t heard Utopias before, one of their strengths/weakness is that they are very revealing
    headphones. They’ll make great systems sound amazing whilst exposing the flaws on lesser
    ones. It was always going to be a big ask listening to the Play through these cans and on the
    whole I was surprised with how it went. I was never going to hear the lush warmth as from the
    tube amp, but what it lacks in this it makes up with a driving dynamic presentation. Sometimes it
    can be a bit overdone and a little harsh, but it is at the end of the day it’s a solid state amp and
    this trait is usually only shed by amps costing many times the price of the Play.

    Treble 7.0/10 Can be a harsh at times although quite detailed
    Mids 7.5/10 Male vocal seems a little recessed, female vocals fair better.
    Bass 7.0/10 Mid/upper bass has some good punch to it. Lower bass was a bit light.
    Soundstage 7.8/10 Pretty good in the department, treble detail helped a lot with this.

    To be fair on the Play, the Utopias are a great tool to pick apart amps and DACs, so the fact it
    wasn’t getting sub 6 scores is a testament to it.

    Play vs HE-500

    Now we are getting into a realistic pairing. In the real world it would be rare for someone to pair up
    $5000 headphones with a $500 amp. The HE-500 are a more likely option and in saying that, their
    performance seems a better match than that of the Utopia. HE-500’s are power hungry planers
    and require a decent amp to get the best out of them and the Play has that in spades. Bass
    response comes to life playing on the HE-500’s inherent forward bass presentation, giving it a
    boost in the lower register. Mids are smoother and take a step forward from that of the Utopia. I
    prefer listening Hifiman over the Focals on the Play.

    Treble 8.3/10 Crisp and detailed although still lacking some lightness in delivery
    Mids 9.0/10 Great presentation, balanced and full
    Bass 9.3/10 These cans love bass and the Play serves it up
    Soundstage 8.5/10 Nice and wide. Lacks a little air.

    Play vs HD6xx

    Now this is where it’s at! You can have this combo for less than $800, and for some people, this
    would represent endgame performance. Amazing pairing, full and lively sound. Do yourself a
    favour, try this setup and you’ll be surprised. Blew me out of the water. I’ve always has a soft spot
    for my “underdog” headphones and this combo shows up what they can really do, amazing!
    Seriously considering buying a Play for my work PC and taking my HD6xx to work.

    Treble 9.2/10 Bit more relaxed than on the HE-500 but still plenty of detail
    Mids 9.0/10 Full with a touch of warmth
    Bass 9.2/10 Surprisingly good with great upper bass fleshing out vocals
    Soundstage 9.0/10 Better than the HE-500. A dynamic driver sounding wider that a planer, that
    rarely happens!

    So there it is, my impressions on the Play. Overall it’s great value for money, giving you great
    integration, flexibility, sound quality and performance. Big step up from entry level devices,
    although not in the same echelon as most of the high end gear, but price/performance level is well
    above par. As mentioned above, amazing pairing with HD6XX, so much so I’ve been listening to
    this pairing a hell of a lot over the 2 weeks I’ve had this device.

    Edit: Bit the bullet and purchased one :) I'm one happy camper. I would highly recommend this device!! Really appreciate having a decent setup at work and the Play makes it so easy. Give one a listen, for the money I'll be hard to beat.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018

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