Burson Play Home Trial Invitation: Amp/DAC/Preamp/Mic input (2Watts pc, op-amp rollers dream)

  1. selvakumar
    GOT my BURSON AUDIO PLAY today shipping to India takes only a week thank you Burson and ALEX for helping me ill post picture of retail packing and accessories comes with PLAY
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  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    I received a shipping notice, the new Play should be here next Wednesday. I look forward to getting it and comparing it to my Infinity v2.0 which recently made it back from LH Labs.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    I assume were using the other thread moving forward... I do have the unit at this time. I got the shipping notice on the like 9th and picked up on yesterday
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  4. ngoshawk
    I would love to audition the Play. I have heard from a couple on here that the little critter is mighty fine!

    • Your city of residence and country. (please don't disclose your real name and full street address
    Warrensburg, MO, USA
    • A list of your current audio equipment and headphones
    Focal Elear
    UM Maestro V2
    Campfire Audio Jupiter
    Vibro Aria
    VModa Crossfade Wireless
    (All with SE & Bal cables)

    Shanling M3s/M5
    MacBook Pro w/ iFi BL/iTubes2/iDAC2
    Compared with iBasso PB3 & Aune B1s
    • A photo of your audio system
    DCA378B6-4888-4944-B684-1B7820541512.jpeg 5A5ED730-6AB2-4869-B443-67E41FFD12C4.jpeg

    Thank you for the opportunity!

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