Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???
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i think the conclution b22 2 channel is the best choice, for SQ and my wallet

nor really.  He just likes a mush/mellow sound.  Nothing wrong with that, just not very informative.  If he thinks B22 is "bright" and "fatiguing" (gasp) he can probably toss GLite/GS1/Dynahi into the trash as those are even "brighter".
He might actually prefer the mellower sounding M3 over B22 - I guess better is not really better to everyone :wink:
NOTE: "fatiguing" happens because of crappy equipment (unwanted distortion) not because of the inherit characteristic of any piece of equipment. You can listen to a piece of bright equipment without becoming fatiguing.  For example, I think Magico Mini is pretty bright, but it's not fatiguing. Another example would be Vanderseen, I think some of their models are bright but again not fatiguing.
If the reviewer thinks B22 is "fatiguing" that just means something is wrong upstream and B22 is just revealing the up-stream faults.   

so what we must do to make the amp had a better SQ and fix the problem so the sound of the amp more relaxed not fatiguing?
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Never heard of the B22 yet, but I was very impressed by an Burson audition 2 weeks ago.  I think it is "warmer" because it just reproduces a hell lot more detail with each note.  I don't actually think it's "warmer".. but fuller in sound.  It's almost LP like in the volume of sonic information that it brings forward... Cheers
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Hi guys..
need some suggestion (+/-) about an under $1000 single ended amp...
Which is have the most detailed and transparent sounding, and best match for HD650..
Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???

What I always take away from threads like this is that sound is subjective.  There is no clear winner here and that is because, what our ears like is subjective from one person to the next..  As passionate as people are about a particular piece of equipment, there are no guarantees that a particular amp will work for you based on hearsay. 
I always steer clear of comments such as "Trust me don't waste your time and energy stressing over finding a good amp just buy the Concerto. "  I mean come on really?  What the heck does that mean?  Anyone buying based on comments like that should probably find a cheaper hobby. 
The best thing to do is listen for yourself and decide.  Sure that's not always 100% possible, but try your best.  I went with the Burson, and did not experience any of the negative aspects that people posted.  I listened for myself and decided it was a great amp for the HD650's.  My ears loved that combination.  I was prepared to spend twice the amount, but realized that I didn't have to.  You may listen to the Burson and decide it sounds like crap, but the key is to have a listen first.  Don't fall victim to the "Flavor of the Week" syndrome, it will save you headaches and possibly money down the road.
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The Beta 22 3 channel is the best amp I have ever heard.  It is the first amp I have heard that has a very full but tight base with all of my headphones, clear complete top end without any harshness, and full mids.  The back ground is so quite I cannot tell it is turned on until the music jumps out at me.  The Concerto might be close based on what I have read and my experience with the Meier Opera, but I have not heard it to know.  My view of the other amps listed is all hearsay, so I will not opine.

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