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Burson HA160 headphone amplifier (1 week old) - $560

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  1. sberamji
    For Sale or Trade
    This is an ad for a Burson HA160 headphone amplifier. The amp is 1 week old and is in 9.5/10 condition, virtually brand new. The amp will ship with the original box, power cable and manual. The amp isn't what I am looking for in terms of sound and hence I am looking to sell it. As I had bought the amp brand new I am original owner.
    Shipping within the US only.
    I am open to trade it with a Decware CSP-2 (I dont mind paying a little bit, Blue Circle, ALO Amphora (I dont mind adding a little money), Woo Audio 6.
    Price for the Burson $560 + $15 shipping. Payment via paypal only.
    I dont have much headfi feedback but I do have a lot on Audiogon. It can be found at
  2. liquidchaos
    Hi, I'll take this if it is still available :)
  3. sberamji
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