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Burson HA-160D vs Woo Audio WA6SE

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by webegrubbin, Jan 26, 2011.
  1. webegrubbin
    Im looking into buying one of these amps.  If i get the Woo Audio WA6SE, i would be connecting it to my NuForce uDAC2.  I've seen many threads about the WA6SE, and some about the HA-160D, but I havent seen a comparison between the two.    Has anybody had the opportunity to compare these two amps?  I plan to use grado SR325 or Sennheiser HD650.
  2. epocs
    bumping this because i wanna know too.
  3. emremusic
    me too!
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Wouldn't the HA-160D not need to be hooked up to the UDAC2 as it already has a DAC? o_O
  5. webegrubbin
    Correct, If i get the Woo Audio WA6SE, i would be connecting it to my NuForce uDAC2.  If I get the Burson HA-160D, i would not need to connect it to the uDAC2.  I found this article which briefly compares the two amps: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-20006079-47.html
  6. Scytus
    Shouldn't it also depend on the headphones you use?
    A friend told me that Ultrasones & Denons sound congested through a tube amp, and they need solid states.. Likewise, Audio-Technica's and Sennheisers sound better out of a tube.
    I have been curious about this as well though, as I want to know the differences in sound in pairing the WA6 with the Pro900 vs the HA-160D.
    For my own uses, I want the one that gives a fuller/stronger bass presence, though I fear thats the tube amp..and as said before, the pro900 (as it's an Ultrasone) supposedly sounds more congested with tubes.
    I'd appreciate it if anyone has any input on this perspective C:
  7. bfwiat
    Hi there,
    I have the 160D and the Senn 650's and they work magic together.
    From live jazz recordingd to hip hop - the combo takes me there and makes me grin along the journey.
    A lot more PRaT and oomph from the 650's 'cos of the Burson - remember, the Burson is a better sounding DAC than the uDac too.
  8. jc9394
    For HD6x0, get the Woo. Senn headphones loves tube. If you are using or will get a Denon Dx000 series, the Burson is much better.
  9. phosphorique
    What about the AKG K70x? I'm deciding between these 2 amps for my AKG K702's..
  10. vladimirK702


    The Burson brings magic to them. Period. 
  11. classakg


    Not necessary. Sennhs do fine with Tubes or SS amps from my experience. It comes to a personal choice. [​IMG]
  12. VanCitySound
    I am using the uDac2 with the Burson (non-dac version) and K702s.  It sounds pretty good, great soundstage.  It would be close to perfect if it had a tad more warmth and bass impact.
  13. milosolo
    There are quite a few posts on here from people with the Burson and HD650's that indicate to me it would be a good match. Burson's website also mentions Sennheiser. I really like the sound signature of the HD650 with my upgraded Mav D1 but I'm strongly considering the 160D to replace it in my main system because the impression I get is that it has tube-like sound qualities. I just wish it had line-in and optical like the Mav D1. No question the Woo WA6(SE) combined with a stand-alone DAC would be the bomb if you have the dough for it.

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