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Burson Cable + Pro + Schiit Stuff

  1. adydula
    Many people spend lots of bucks and time searching for the end all of NOS tubes etc in there systems to find that very special almost "perfect" sound to them...we all have differing types of perfections...which make this pastime so unique. Many people just keep asking the same stuff over and over...on how will this sound vs that thing....lol

    Well over the past few years spending lots of dollars etc....I settled in a modest cost setup that I just kicked in the pants with an active cable from Burson..its so good IM that I have to share.

    I was asked by Burson to review several of their cables with their discrete op-amps and I did reviews on them but after having them sitting around for months I put one back into my main listening rig.

    The sound presentation is nothing less than spectacular.

    Using a Schitt Bimby MB DAC with the new Gen 5 USB interface...the output goes to Bursons Cable + Pro active cable then to the Schitt Vahalla 2, which drives my Beyer T1 2nd gen. Without the cable the sound is really good but with this cable its absolutely STUNNING....a real kick in the pants.

    All that's in a piece of music is displayed, good or bad...from Joe Satrini, to Ingrid Michaelson, Allision Krause, James Taylor, The Beatles, and on and on....

    The magic the Burson Cable + Pro is providing is magical....

    Pretty Much the end game for me!


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