Burson,Bryston, Fostex, Wadia, HiFiMan gear at TTVJ!
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Jun 21, 2001
Hi All,
We have been busy gathering new product lines and adding new products to our website. With the Goal of having great products at every price point and a well rounded group of manufacturers, we proudly announce that Burson Audio, Bryston Audio and Fostex are now available at TTVJ! And in addition to new product line we also have the new HiFiMan HE400 in stock and the new Wadia 121ComputerDAC will be in stock very soon (preorder yours now!)
First Burson... this is some great gear from Australia. Their headphone amps and DACs are great values. And now you can get them from TTVJ!

The Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier $695

The Burson HA-160DS headphone amplifier/DAC combo $895

The Burson HA-160D Headphone amplifier/DAC/Preamp combo  $1250

The Burson DA-160 DAC $950
Coming very soon from Bryston!

The new Bryston BHA1 headphone amp with single ended and balanced inputs and outputs! An incredible amp for only $1295!!! Pre order yours now!
We also are carrying other fine products made by Bryston at TTVJ. Come to our site and check them out.
Also new to us is the Fostex product line... all Fostex products are available at TTVJ and here are a few samples of their goods...

The Fostex HP-P1 portable headphone amp/DAC  $649

Coming soon - the statement headphone from Fostex the TH900 headphone  $1999
And new from Wadia, makers of great digital products...

The Wadia 121 Computer DAC $1299
And now in stock from HiFiMan...

The HiFiMan HE400 Planar headphone $399
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