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Burson Audio Fun (2w pc Class A Headphone Amp)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ostewart, Jun 7, 2018.
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  1. Shane D
    And that is the kicker for me. I am not an audiophile, I just love music. I seem to love a warm sound in headphones and apparently amps too. Also, EQ'ing is a TON of fun. With the LOKI my Grado's now have that bass that they were misssing. You can see in my signature all the products I have tried and found wanting. And I have more to get rid of.

    The Vivid's sounded duller to me on initial listening. I decided that maybe they needed burn in and they have had that now for several weeks. It sounds fine to me and I listen to it every day, but I do wonder what it will sound like with the Classics back in. The mind is a funny thing. Will I go "Oh yeah baby!" or will I go "you know they sound pretty similar.":grinning:

    My defect this time is that power cable needs to be jiggled to get power. The connection is nice and tight, so maybe there is a short in the power supply cable. I only mention this because the amp is working superbly and I would hate to lose it. Although now I have been nosing around with Arcam rHead and the Rupert Neve headphone amp.

    Shane D
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  2. Shane D
    I have an SMSL SU-8 feeding it. I set that volume on 30 (out of 36, or 40, I can't recall) and the amp rarely goes above 8:00PM now. 9:00 for really old stuff today (Elton John). It has WAY more power than i will ever use. My 'phones are super efficient and I am not a headbanger.

    Shane D
  3. ls13coco
    I wish I was that way! I got into this hobby originally chasing better sound for gaming, but being a guitar player and music lover meant a monster was created out of me once I got my first pair of proper headphones, coupled with an amp and dac. Game over. Unfortunately I seem to have turned it into a bit of a gear hobby, chasing the next upgrades in sound with my limited budget. But I find the research is half the fun.
    It's funny, I put off buying a proper computer monitor for years, yet spent more on multiple audio products that I didn't necessarily need.

    The Loki is definitely on my list, but perhaps after a new dac. I found any software based EQ doesn't do magic and introduces audible distortion unless you make very small changes, yet the software built into the X7 has none of those disadvantages.. I'd like to learn more of how that's pulled off.

    The reviews and description of the Classics definitely make them seem to be the musical choice, I'd be interested to hear your impressions when you swap back to them!

    Hmm I wonder if this is something a local shop could help with? I'd say what about a LPS.. but my knowledge is limited on the FUN with an LPS and some of the prices I've seen of LPS systems for the MCTH people are using are pretty crazy steep!
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  4. Shane D
    I am thinking about just replacing the cable, but I am ticked that the dealer and the manufacturer will not respond to my emails (I started emailing on Friday).

    I just bought a DAC (SMSL SU-8) and am very happy with it. Just an FYI.

    Shane D

    PS: In Canada you could get the Loki and the SMSL SU-8 for much less than the 789.:blush:

    Shane D
  5. Asahi Templar

    You should try Equalizer APO with Peace EQ for general Windows use and J River Media Center's Parametric EQ for serious listening. They offer the best affordable EQ solutions IMO. J River with Wasapi or Asio is the best serious listening option that doesnt cost way too much money.

    I can only tell a difference in sound for the first second or so while the DSP kicks in after that I hear no digital artifacts or the like. Its great! You will still get distortion if you EQ your headphone into distortion of course. Quite easy to do if you raise the subbass significantly, very few headphones can handle that.

    The Creative X7 actually always has its DSP on unless you switch it into its direct mode, so the reason you dont feel a difference with EQ on or off is that its always on :)

    I have also had the Fun and the 789 but didnt have them at the same time to do a direct comparison. From memory I would say the V6 Vivid version of the fun was a little darker than the 789, sound-stage sounded slightly wider but high treble a little less present.

    Fun is definitely a better value, especially when it goes on sale for $199 , if it ever does that again. THat was a crazy good deal for such a powerful amp. Thx was a incredible deal at 350, less so at 400 and considering that is impossible to get new now, Fun is easier to recommend.

    I wish the Fun had a gain switch though, that was my biggest complaint with it.
  6. ls13coco
    Oh no, I actually use direct mode exclusively with the X7 unless I'm playing with the EQ. And boy can I hear it, I can raise the bass to ear shaking levels, yet with APO - Peace I can't get near that effect and even then distortion is introduced.
    Raised bass on the X7 EQ and a bass boosted track is ridiculous, I've only done it a few times with the LCD-2C though by fear of messing up the drivers, lol
    I don't believe I've tried Jriver yet, should look into that.

    Much agreed, the Fun deserves more recognition for its sound and price point in my opinion.
    Also, with you on the gain setting. I wish every amp had one and two I've been eyeing for some time (Liquid Platinum and CTH) don't have gain settings either. :frowning2:
  7. Asahi Templar
    Did you set up a Preamp in Equalizer APO? whenever you add gain to something you have to set a equal preamp or it causes clipping.

    For example if you did a +5db low shelf boost at 100hz you would need to set the -5db. Its easy to forget to do that if your not used to EQ and boy wont it sound awful as it will clip.

    The Creative X7 automatically does it for your so its great for starting messing with EQ.

    You need a beefy amp to do big EQs as you have to turn the volume up to make up for the Preamp reduction. Its why something like a Fun is a great choice, you actually do need the power if you want to EQ.
  8. Eiffel
    I don't disagree at all :D
    I said the sound is very good, just the power is too much. On the Play I cannot control very well the volume on them. With a max of 09 - usually I listen between 03-05.
    The Fun has analogue control and seems to offer a bit more volume control than the Play, but...
    They just don't need a so powerfull amp.
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  9. escalibur
    That's true. Fun has more power than anyone would probably ever need. However if I could wish for some 'improvements' would be much smaller case and maybe some white/silver color options. Other than that I think I'm in a very big love with my Fun. Play was OK but it's sound never actually got me as the Fun did. It is very solid DAC&AMP combo but it just didn't had the same magic Fun does.

    Sadly 789s are impossible to buy without paying at least double the price. It would be interesting to compare it to my Fun + Sparkos combo. Other than that I think that it will be very very hard to me to let my Fun go. :)
  10. Shane D
    How is that Liquid Carbon treating you? Still lovin' it?
    I have a Liquid Carbon X on the way. It is $199.00 on MassDrop right now.

    Shane D
  11. Slim1970
    The Liquid Carbon is awesome. The name says it all “Liquid”. It’s just how I would describe the sound. I’m not sure if the Massdrop version is exactly the same but if it is you’re in for a treat. Using the balanced output it’s a step up compared to the Fun. Single ended I still prefer the Burson Fun with V6 Classics or the SparkoS op-amps.
  12. Shane D
    Apparently MassDrop uses the same topology but with some improvements for reliability. And of course to cut costs.:grin:

    I am looking at it to replace my P20. It will only be a few bucks more than I paid for my Burson.

    Hopefully they will make an interesting 1-2 punch together.

    Shane D
  13. Slim1970
    That's exactly what it does. The Cavalli amp is much warmer sounding but it still retains the details. Add in the Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk2 and I consider these to be three of the best $300 to $800 dollars amps out right now. The Burson Fun lacks a little refinement compared to the other two. But for what the Fun costs you'd be hard press to find an amp with better specs at that price.
  14. Shane D
    Well, the Burson was certainly a home run for me. And VERY affordable at that. I am using a Loki with it now and it has perfected my headphones (Grado and Beyer).

    If the LCX can offer that quality of sound and value, I will be super impressed.

    Shane D
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  15. Joong
    I got the Fun with v6 vivids installed which is amazing.
    Burson send me Swing for a review, which is very good synergy with Fun that really is a home run with single Swing.

    Burson has never made a stand alone dac, and now they put a their virgin dac that is amazing when we consider it has only one ESS9038q2m which surpass 4 channel version of 2 9038q2m version and almost equivalent to 8 channel version Pro according to some review posted.

    Really they hit a home-run with a Swing for Fun.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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