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Aug 20, 2005
Hey guys,

I wrote a Python program that tracks how long you have listened to music if you use Audacious. I wrote it because I will be recieving my Audio-gd Compass soon and want to track how many hours I have on it. Since I will be using Audacious exclusively (since it has the option to Bypass Signal Processing) I figured I'd use audtools in Python to track the hours on my Compass automatically. If anyone else is interested in using this program just let me know and I'll put it up here somehow.

Note: this only works with audacious right now which I'm pretty sure only works in linux. I may try to write it to work with Winamp too if I can find an API to it similar to audtools.

Let me know what you guys think!

sample (two output files):

[June 14, 2009 23:56]: 20 seconds.
[June 14, 2009 23:57]: 16 seconds.


Total Seconds: 36.6510138512
Total: 36 seconds.

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I would be interested, but first I have to get a Linux computer (been meaning to convert an extra desktop, so that was going to happen anyway).

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I looked everywhere for a proper time counter widget but couldn't find anything good. most are stopwatches with highest digits in minutes....if it works in mac I wouldnt mind trying for my next amp.

now my burn in hours are all messed up and don't have a clue what hour I have..

now, was that 220hrs or 290???.....
and yes, I was too lazy write it down...

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