Building tube amp for HD600's
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Nov 16, 2008
I just got some new HD600's and I want to build a headphone amp for them with tubes. I've been looking at this page, but have a few questions: HeadWize - Project: The Morgan Jones Mini Tube Headphone Amplifier by Chu Moy

First, this page talks a lot about 32ohm. HD600 is 300ohm, so will that be a problem?

Also, how exactly do I make it stereo? It says it requires one more tube to make it stereo, but I don't see how to do it without completely making a second copy of it, which would require 2 more tubes since it's a 2-tube design.

I'm very new to all this, so I'm sure these are obvious questions, but I could use some help
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Jan 1, 2005
If you're new to DIY, try the S.E.X. amp from

It's a superb amp and has excellent, step-by-step illustrated instructions and comes with all the components as a kit. The bottlehead forum is a great support resource.
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Mar 18, 2006
The convention for most plans is to just show one channel of the amp.

The tubes used are dual triodes - meaning that they are really two tubes inside one bottle.

V1 uses one half to drive the left channel and the other to drive the right channel. V2 and V3 are for each channel's output. So, you only need three tubes for stereo. You will have to buy twice the capacitors and resistors shown. I think the amp is designed to drive headphones between 200-2000 ohms, so it will do fine with your Sennheisers.

The Bottlehead SEX is also a good place to start.

If you want to read more about amps, tubes and building stuff, try the tutorial at Boozhound Labs. It is clear and understandable. You'll also want to check out Pete Millett's library at his site, and the books by Morgan Jones and Bruce Rozenblit.

Stick with it! There is a lot to learn, but it is worth it and rolling your own tube gear is hugely satisfying.

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