Building MMCX resistors for the Shure BT1 cable

  1. m4rkw
    So as discussed on here in a few threads the BT1 cable plays painfully loud prompts when turned on/off using high-sensitivity IEMs like the SE535s.

    I'm wondering if I could build an MMCX male-to-female adapter that would sit between the cable and the earpieces and lower the volume slightly so the prompts are a little less jarring.

    I think I just need these:

    According to the seller, the female MMCX sockets will fit into the black plastic holders, so I'm thinking one pair of angled black shure connectors with the male connectors, one pair of straight connectors with female MMXC sockets in them, connect them together with a resistor inbetween and then just cut and superglue the two black bits together.

    Obviously I'll test with a variable resistor first to find the right level of resistance. I think the angled connectors would be ideal to plug into the earpieces because with the cable as it comes I have the memory wire bent upwards at a right-angle anyway because of the direction they need to go over my ears so with right-angled pieces there it should be ideal.

    Is there any reason this won't work? I hunted around for pre-built MMCX connectors but it doesn't seem that they exist anywhere.
  2. stevesurf Contributor
    The only caution I would have is if the connectors wind up being gold plated plastic, that could crack. The description states gold plating on copper, but in my expereience you might wind up with something different.

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