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Dec 26, 2010
What I want is a V USB cable (V NOT Y!!!) identical to what can be seen on the picture but instead of ending on a female type A it should end on a male mini-B 5 Pin tip to connect on my ODAC.
One of the male type A leads should be only for Data and the other only for power.
Neither cable should be longer than 20 cm.
Data wires must be at least 28AWG, twisted pair and shielded.
Power wire must be at least 24AWG and also shielded. 22AWG is preferable for the power wire but if that's not possible, 24AWG is OK.
Copper wire is OK.
External lining is indifferent, I guess it can be just like on the pictured example, doesn't have to be fancy or anything just make it cheap, durable and flexible.
MUST! be exactly as I request, otherwise don't bother contacting me.
I expect the builder to have some experience building cables, if you have any instrumentation to perform complaince tests the better.
Just to make sure I'm not getting rookie crap.
I'm hoping for a nice soul to chime in and get me what I want for cheap.
I know very well such cable can be built for much less than 15 EUR, the monstrously priced alternatives I've seen are just not worth it.
Alternativelly I can send you an example of the pictured cable and all you have to do is replace the end female lead for a male mini-B 5 pin...
If that's possible should be even cheaper that way...
I'm in Portugal.
Payment would be through Paypal.
If you are a nice soul and feel up to the task, let's talk.
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