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Budget oriented on-ears. Not for portable use.

  1. HiCZoK
    I own Fiio E10k and Koss Porta Pro and checking out if there is anything new worth a look.
    I really really like PP sound and I am just looking what else is there. I could use closed headphone but it's not a must.
    I like warm/bassy fun sound like Porta Pro(so there is not much reason to change it).
    I also have/had Aurvana Live!(also with mh5 pads), HM5 and Cloud.
    All in all, Koss is best I had yet. I love the sound and comfort. Over ears made me sweat a bit too much and big headphones cramped my big head lol. Pp sounds open and bassy/fun at the same time and let's me forget it's on my head. But I can still hear my neighboor partying ! ...

    I've done some small research and found those:
    Takstar ML-720/750 MFi
    Takstar ML620 black
    Sennheiser px95
    Sennheiser px100ii
    Sennheiser px200ii
    Sony mdr 10
    jays v jays
    skullcandy grind
    koss sp330
    denon mm200
    akg y40/45/50

    I've tried on and listened to most new sennheiser 2.x 4.x and did not liked any of those. They are not comfy and sound lacking to me.

    Generally, from what I've tried on in shopping mall (I think it was grind and sp330 but with no sound, just fit), I kinda like on-ear full pillow design. Really comfy and blocking sound.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
  2. Slaphead
  3. HiCZoK
    That is available, cheap and seems ok. I will take a closer look at it.
    I thought DT series from beyerdynamic are harsh and sibiling

    BTW, is there a version without remote? Not sure if 3 part jack will work in e10k
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017

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