Budget of £180 in the UK - German Maestro, Soundmagics or one of many others! Help
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May 30, 2005
Ok as stated in title I have a budget of around £180 to buy new headphones. All of my headphone experience is mainly IEMs. Currently using either Phonak 232 or AKG K3003.
My only real experience of full size headphones are my Shure 440, I like them but would like to go up a level or 2.

My source will be mainly an Ibasso DX100 playing a mixture of music but mainly indie/alternative guitar based. Will also use through gaming laptop for games. I don't want headphones that require an amp.

So far I think I've narrowed it down to either one of the following - AKG K550, Soundmagic HP100 or the German Maestro 8.35d. On the fringe are 2nd options of B + W P3 or P5 or the Sennheiser Momentum.
Looking for advice from anybody who's had a chance to compare any of these models.
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Oct 11, 2009
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Forget about the B+W p3/p5 - very over-priced for their performance. 
I'm quite biased about the Momentums because I have them, but they really shine outdoors where bass perception decreases with noisy surroundings.
They're a little bit too bassy indoors, unless you're OK with listening at low volumes. The slightly rolled off treble might make some guitar music a TINY bit 'boring' or 'laid back' if you want something extra exciting and crunchy (distorted guitars).
If you like live acoustic recordings, then you shouldn't be disappointed. 
AKG K550 has a very relaxed/polite sound, but is technically better in some ways to the Momentum. Comfort and soundstage are brilliant, and overall a very balanced sound.
I would add the Sony MDR-1R to your list. It's quite a mid-forward headphone, but overall creates a balanced sound similar to the Momentums but with a little more excitement. 

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