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budget is $80. looking at the grado sr60i.

  1. ijustfarted
    These will be my first big headphone purchase. I've been using jvc marshmallows forever but I got an ear injury a little while ago and now in ear and buds hurt when I put them in so over ear are my only options. I'll be on the subway 2 hours a day, won't be listening to it loud. Also will use a lot at home on the laptop. I'm rough with my things and I hear good things about the durability of the grados. I've read enough reviews to know about the sound leakage but don't know if its at only loud volumes. What if I listen on low to medium? I'm absolutely enamored by how beautiful they are so if there are any better options for me with a similar look, sound, durability, and feel please let me know.
  2. alv4426
    Grados would be terrible on the subway, zero isolation and 100% leakage at any volume. Sorry but I dont really know what to recommend, was gonna say the HD25 but its way overbudget. You need closed headphones or IEMs for sure though.
  3. ijustfarted
    Hmmm, that's too bad. Anything in my price range with really good durability than? Maybe that's more important than getting the best sound because it won't matter if it's broken :xf_eek:

    In ear won't work.
  4. forensic fox
    Look into Superlux 668b, Samson SR850, Monoprice 8323, and Beyerdynamic DT235.
  5. JK1
    The Sony MDR-V6 is around $70-80. Mine is 24 years old and works fine. I did need to replace the earpads once though. The v6(under the model number 7506) has been a favorite of recording studios, radio stations, and movie and tv production. It folds and is more compact than the Sennheiser HD280 pro. another choice under $80 is the Koss Tony Bennet headphone. The Tony Bennet headphone has a removable cord and comes with a case. I don't have the Tony Bennet headphone but was thinking about getting it. it has less treble than the V6.
    I guess some will suggest the Creative Aurvana Live, which is sometimes as low as $55.

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