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Budget In-Ear with good isolation

  1. chrisr34000

    I'm looking for an In-Ear solution with good isolation under 50 $. I am going to listen primarily audiobooks on the subway with them. For listening to music I use Fischer Amps FA-3 XB (with comply foams), which are lovely, however I do not want to carry around such expensive IE only for listening to audiobooks.

    I've oredered the Xiaomi MI Pro HD, but the isolation sucks. I can hear every sound which is a little bit louder. At least with the standard silicone buds. Now I am looking for an alternative. In the past I've used the Soundmagic E10, but I can't remember how good the isolation was.

    I don't want anything bulky or something that goes around the ear. I'd rather have something which looks like the FA-3 XB or the E10.
    I would like to use them with the standard buds and not with comply foams (I always have to spit on them before I put them in, because otherwise they break pretty fast).

    What would you recommend me? It would be also nice if it would be something which I don't have to order from China and wait weeks and week for it.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. dairy
    If you are comfortable with deep insertion, the Etymotic EtyKids line or MK5 should be around your budget. Great isolation and perfect for commuting.
  3. chrisr34000
    Thank you very much for your reply. It is so hard to find something suitable. I could get the Etymotic HD5 Safety or the EREK 3 in the same price range as the EtyKids, should I go for that? The MK5 is in Germany around 100 USD...
  4. dairy
    I only have experience with the Etykids which have worked well. I would assume if isolation matters and are only mostly listening to audiobooks, the HD5 would work as well too.

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