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Budget IEM with good isolation for the bus ( my Kc06 wont do)

  1. KERBY
    i need an earphone with good isolation within the budget range
    Nothing crazy like the ER4S or that kind of isolation. just enough to silence the people next tom me and the open window
  2. Tail
    Well what is your budget? :)
  3. KERBY
    below 100$?
  4. lin0003
    Have a look at IEMs from Etymotic and Shure, their IEMs have very good isolation. 
  5. Tail
    You can check Shure SE215, they are 99 on amazon for example and they isolate very good (and sound good too!)
  6. KERBY
    oh yea. does it help if i say i have a 668b :3

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