Budget IEM (vsonic gr06, Fischer audio silver bullet, Hifiman Re-zero)
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May 15, 2013
I know this is something that gets posted over and over again, but i have redcently been looking for a pair of IEM around  £50(about$80)
and have narrowed it down to the vsonic gr06 (however am hesitant about this, as the cable can only be worn over-ear, an i find this uncomfortable) and a couple of others, has anyone got any reasons why i shouldnt get these or know any other decent headphones aroiund the same price.
I should mention im not really a audiophile, but listen to a lot of music and would like some decent headphones to enjoy it. i Mainly listen to post- rock, jazz hip hop if this helps.
Update: has anyone tried the JVC HA-FXD 80, logitech ultimate ears 600 & JVC FXT90. I have also considered these
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You can get the new vsonic vsd1. It's meant to be worn cable down and IMO it's better than gr06.

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