budget headphone +dac/amp set suggestions
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Mar 7, 2013
Firstly i must say that im noob at this. Though when it comes to making a decision i dont rush. I try to be as sure as possible weather my decisions is right or not. So after roughtly 12 hours of futile searches i came to conclusion that i am incapable to find out this myself and decided to ask for some help in this forum.

So i am looking for a decent as good as you can get for under 200 heaphones fallowed up by portable dac/amp for which i could spend up to another 200 at max. I must get dac/amp becouse i will use laptop(which have a cheap souncard) and ive read that external dac/amp is the way to go. I would also love to get portable dac or be able to enjoy my music at its best with my phone.

Headphones should provide good enjoyment over music, movies and games becouse i love all of those :)

That said, becouse wider surround provides much better experience in both movies and games, its important aspect. I believe open headphones provide much better sound surround than closed ones. Though becouse i also consider using them around other people having closed headphones with good enough surround would be perfect. Also they need to be portable enough to carry arround.

As for music gendres, i enjoy various kinds of music from electro, house(Justice, Daft Punk) to Jazz, Blues(the black keys), Rap, Rock(i enjoy alot of classics ac/dc, Ledzzepelin, gunsNroses, pink floyd) even Metal(i love metallica in particular) Hell, i even like classics, piano, instrumental songs.

So im not quite sure in what ranges my headphones should do best tbh, since they preaty much have to cover up lots of genres of music. Having a bit of more bass but not too much seemed suitable enough for me when i found The AFH-M50. It seemed to be preaty good for this lineup, only problem ive found with them was the surround, though having all the other aspects and havin read that the surrounding it had was decent for closed headphones i was willing to buy it anyway. Though it seems that over last year AFH-M50 declined in 'fashion'.

Btw is it possible to connect both dolby headphones supporting dac and other better in overall quality dac/amp. Couse ive been looking around and i wasnt able to find decent quality dac/amp which would support 5.1 and/or 7.1 soundstage effects.

Looking forward to replies.
Thanks in advance.

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