Budget headphone amp for K702 for studio use
Feb 6, 2011 at 5:01 AM Post #33 of 33

what made you go for the corda swing exactly? im curious, it looks good

Actually, my brother heard it in a store in Hong Kong a year ago with the K701, and said it felt like a very good combo. So it is the closest thing I have for hearing this amp (or any amp at all) myself (AKA evidence from semi-first hand). 
I like the fact that I buy from a reliable respected seller\manufacturer, with a real manufacturer warranty.
I live in Israel, which makes Europe more reachable in terms of shipping.
I wrote to Jan Meier, who said it's a very good match for my headphones (he actually said many of his customers like this combo very much).
He also said he considers it a transparent amp with good detail & soundstage.
I also heard that this is the best amp in the meier line in terms of price/performance.
You can write him too, to get some info yourself.

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