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Budget DAC?

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  1. jason41987
    Hmm, I've been playing around with Atmos/DTS with headphones and neither of them work at above 16/48k. That's unfortunately and makes anything above that sample rate practically useless for gaming. after listening to music on the highest bitrate all day, that 16/48k sounds like crap.

    Also, the issue with the DAC disconnecting and having to be restarted seems to occur when I am using the highest bit/sampling rate. It disconnected during game play and the game had to be completely restarted after restarting the DAC to restore audio.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  2. scruffy1
    maybe the answer is you use an audiophile dac for music (which would seem to be the reason for having one), and do gaming with whatever works

    it's quite likely anything else is a compromise, as the khadas does music very well imho, and gaming is... gaming

    that said, the headphones using the panam for gaming are very immersive, but as i have repeatedly said, they are open backed which is reputedly the most atmospheric for such use (though i have no comparison)
  3. jason41987
    Maybe, but it's still disconnecting at random when using 32 bit. And I am using open backs now.
  4. andrewjch28
    what would the balanced feature on the k3 do for a hd6xx ?
  5. Chris Kaoss
    I really don't know, because i do not own the hd6xx.
    Somebody will say the headphones will get better detailed instrument separation.

    Balanced outputs also known for more power to deliver.
  6. andrewjch28
    that's good news I guess. I'm new to this and am planning for a hd6xx& k3 combo. but I don't think I really need a DAC/amp for now
  7. jason41987
    Why is the balanced output for the K3 a 2.5mm? You can get a TRRS cable in virtually any size. If I had gone balanced and was going to stick with the DAC, I would have removed the female 3.5mm on my headphones, soldered up a 3.5mm TRRS jack in its place. It's just a matter of wiring the two wires coming from the right speaker, and the two from the left separately to the jack.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  8. Chris Kaoss
    It belongs to stupid people, i think. ^^
    Since the most used connection by consumers is 3,5 , there is a really big problem with balanced 3,5 connections.
    The ordinary user will plug this balanced straight to an unbalanced 3,5 socket.
    So it's possible they'll crack the amp with.

    It's just for safety purpose.
  9. Chris Kaoss
    I'd recommend an amp for this headphone, even if it is such a small device like bluetooth amps like fiio btr5, or something similar.
    The hd6xx will improve with more power, i guess.
    In the end, it depends on your source, i think.
  10. gringod
    Can anyone comment how the stoner ud 130 performs compared to the dragonfly red,particularly in volume on higher impendance headphones
  11. scruffy1
  12. gringod
    Hi scruffy 1,i had already read you excellent review.That`s what got me interested in the stoner.
  13. dmdm
    The jds labs dacs are great, and budget friendly.
  14. jason41987
    I'm doing a bit more research at the moment. I am trying to see if the Sound BlasterX G6 is capable of outputting the DD signal AND 32/385 at the same time or if DD active defaults the device back down to 16/48. If it does drop back down to the lower bitrate then I will likely devise a new solution incorporating two DACs into one (surround sound and a normal DAC). Perhaps I could use an RCA splitter, and RCA to 3.5mm cable to actually connect both sound devices into my amp at the same time, and just use windows to switch between the two?
  15. jason41987
    Yeah, my headphone amp is kaput.
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