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Budget DAC?

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  1. scruffy1
  2. jason41987
    Hmm, my current amp does 1000mw/32 and 150mw/250, so I am not sure it'd be able to drive HE4xx all that well, and may even have trouble with the HD6XX @ 300 ohms
  3. Chris Kaoss
    Power looks really good. :beerchug:
  4. jason41987
    Alright then, if the amp is good to go, then I only need a DAC.
  5. scruffy1
  6. jason41987
    Yeah, I am looking at the Khadas, trying to see how they can be modified. I would also like to hear others opinions on them as well.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  7. scruffy1
    for the price it doesn't need mods, just plugging in :)
  8. Chris Kaoss
    Is there a coax input only?
    Or maybe another option available?
  9. jason41987
    The amp I have has both a 3.5mm and RCA left and right in. For the Khadas DAC it has USB in.
  10. scruffy1
    power and signal via the supplied usb cable

    the coax is input or output depending on if the usb is signal or simply power only; it's self configuring depending on that

    spend the $ and love it

    source > khadas (usb or coax) > rca > amp > phones

    and it's technically better as usb supplying power and signal i believe
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
    Chris Kaoss likes this.
  11. jason41987
    If I did go with that Khadas, I did find an aluminum project box on amazon for under $12 that almost perfectly matches the length, width, and height of my headphone amp, and is large enough to fit the DAC board with all inputs/outputs on the back. So, that would be a little stack.
  12. baskingshark

    I previously bought my Khadas tone board from this seller and some bundles come with an acrylic case included. I distinctly remembered the case was packed very well, each individual acrylic side was wrapped in stickers to prevent any scratches in transit.

    Though there are 2 versions of the Khadas tone board, one is a generic edition and one is a VIMS edition. Most cases being sold only fit the generic edition, as their measurements are different.
  13. jason41987
    There's also that Loxjie D10 thing which scores very high on SINAD charts, is about the same price, and has a ton of good reviews, many saying better than the schiit modi 3 and tone board. But that design, disgusting. It's just a flat board inside with wires going to the input/output jacks. Might just take the circuit board out of that :p.
  14. jason41987
    Alright, I went with the tone board. I got it and a set of RCA jumpers for $85 shipped. All Amazon prime so if I have any issues it should be easy enough to return for a replacement or refund. I currently use my amp with a 3.5mm connection, so I didn't have any jumpers for it. We'll see if I notice a big difference in audio on Thursday. From what I could tell the Loxjie and Modi 3 are all neck and neck with the Tone Board for audio quality, but there's a "cyber monday" sale on Amazon and I got the Khadas for $20 off.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  15. Chris Kaoss
    May the force be with you.
    Looking forward to your impressions. :)
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