budget amp ~100-150US recommendations? (live in australia, so its hard to buy:P)
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Jan 12, 2007
The time has come and i now want to expand my experiences to portable headphone amps.

but the thing is that i live in australia (sydney specifically) and there are NO stores that sell this stuff, and even if they do, they charge extravagant prices.

anyway, i want to spend around 100-150US or therabouts on something that is battery efficient (hopefully runs on 9V) and will sound nice with my UE SF5pro and ety er6i

i will use an ipod classic 160gb with a crossroads lineout.

atm i have been looking at these:

travagan's colors dogbone
Crossroads amp
C&C amps (XO, Box etc) <-- they look nice and have free shipping from the website
Ibasso P1 or something similar <-- can't find on ebay but read that the P1 is quite good on a review posted here on headfi
goVibe? <-- dunno much about it. just rings a bell

Can anyone give me some sources of information or suggestions? and online stores that will ship to australia?

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I would look for used a Meier HeadSix amp on the amplifier FS forum. Good portable amplifier.

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Get iBasso P2 !
I just bought it about 1 month ago. Love it.
I think i paid about $155 USD, shipping included to Adelaide.

Check it out
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Originally Posted by The Pieman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I would look for used a Meier HeadSix amp on the amplifier FS forum. Good portable amplifier.


Headsix is another excellent amp and yes they do ship to australia.
But it doesn't has built-in rechargeable battery
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The Headstage Lyrix Pro USB is my next purchase as a temporary desktop amp that will become portable once I amass enough money and tools to build a premium SOHA with JISBOS and onboard Alien DAC. It's quite reasonably priced, and even though it's in a plastic case the build quality looks very impressive.
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x3 for corda headsix.
such an amazing portable amp, sq wise and appearance wise. the battery life is good strong 70-80 hours with my 300mah battery.
the new one costs more than your budget. look for a used one in the FS section. they do come up often.
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The Corda Headsix looks quite nice and small, however i would prefer to buy new, mainly because i have ridiculously bad luck with electronics. Also, i would expect many sellers to prefer not selling/shipping to australia :p

The C&C amps i included because i know they are sold in Hong Kong and i do know some people who live there so that is also a possibility.

IBasso has a crappy looking website but have heard good things about them too, especially the P1 i read in that mega headamp comparison posted here on headfi :p

bbird1927: did u just buy from the website you provided?

any more suggestions?

does anyone know of any good amps sold in Hong kong?

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haha yeah

i found that place on google :p

some prices seem pretty good such as for the C&C XO or the iBasso T1

would anyone recommend anything from there?
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hmm think i MAY get something from C&C

atm thinking of F1 or XO

seems quite a lot of people like the XO!

any suggestions?
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g'day mate! good to see another aussie head-fier

haven't heard the mini3, but it should definitely be a contender

another amp i like is the mSEED Spirit amp - a real warm, smooth amp that was very unoffensive

rare now as they're discontinued, but maybe you can pick one up used.
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lol aussie head-fiers are a rare breed thats for sure~

just curious, where do you buy your equipment from? like are there some good online retailers that ship to aus, sydney specifically without being too exp?

im still a uni student so im not exactly made of moneys.... however i do like my music to make my trips to uni much more satisfying

it's soo hard trying to decide what amp to buy, and to make matters worse there are ZERO retailers in sydney (that i know of) to actually test them out.

i am thrown between the C&C range and the iBasso range atm. this is mainly because they both offer shipping to aus.

would anyone recommend iBasso over C&C or vice versa?

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