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  1. mandrake50
    Not bad mouthing him, but I agree that a simple response is nice. If you look back through this thread you will see periods of time where there are lots of people complaining about the absence of communications for months at a time. I purchased a couple of sets of cables from him... maybe 3 actually. 2 went fine, after about 3 months I finally had to dig up his phone number from another member and call him. This because he had not responded to a number of email messages that I had sent. He did ship my cables within a couple of days after that. Anyway, I like his work very much, but if you really need timely communications on a consistent basis, you may want to look elsewhere. If you want a really nice product at a very reasonable cost.... and can have lots of patience, wait a while and see if he responds.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  2. MinMay
    You're just stating facts. Thank you. I have other cables to use, but want to try something different. With any online service, communication is probably one of the top important factor for me to make a purchasing decision.
  3. Stu Paddasso
    I sent Brian 2 cables ( he received them April 8) to be re-terminated and have not got any reply's to my emails. After 5 months I think I have lost my cables ( worth $400). I caution anyone thinking of using BTG- audio or Q cables
  4. AC-12
    Horrible experience. Eventually received PP refund due PP not being able to contact seller.

    Brian leaves his apartment address on his e-mail signature. I wonder for those who have cables in limbo can send him a snail mail requesting for their cables? Of course there is high likelihood of him not living there anymore.

    It helped having these posts to go through this experience. Cheers.
  5. fqdhlyc
    Is there any alternative method to contact him? Maybe an alternative email account or phone number?
  6. mandrake50
  7. Adnan Firoze
    I have been waiting for my cable that I ordered on November 22, 2019. Still not being able to reach Brian. Sent him 3 emails. NOTHING.

    I guess I lost $150.
  8. Stu Paddasso
    If you paid with paypal contact them, as far as that cockroach Brian is concerned your screwed!!!!!!
  9. shotgunshane Contributor
    Well looks like a sad ending to BTG Audio and Q Audio. Too bad. Both web sites are expired and social media accounts not updated in months and months. Looks like it’s been nearly a year since Brian signed in here. I’d contact PayPal and/or credit card companies for refunds asap.
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