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  1. SeeSax
    Glad to hear it. 
  2. au5t3n5
    Anyone know what's going on with Brian? I sent him a pair of Westone 4's for a MMCX mod 5/23 (in his possession since 5/25) with an estimated 2-3 week turn around (return shipping date), but haven't heard from him since... been over a month now.

    Would just be nice to get an email response at this point...
  3. mandrake50
    Call him... I did on an order once a good while ago. He shipped it within a day.
  4. georgiworld
    Ive sent a few emails without a reply
  5. punit
    My Q Cables 1/4th plug cracked so I tried to contact Brian at BTG for repair. After sending him emails over 3 weeks he finally responded back to ship it to him to replace the plug & i duly shipped them. They reached on 30th sept & there was no one to receive them, hence USPS left a notice to pick it up from the post office. I have sent numerous mails to Brian following up but there hasn't been any response. This is the worst customer service I have ever come across. I would caution anyone against buying anything from BTG / Q Cables.
    feenjeen likes this.
  6. iso
    Anyone know Brian from btg audio? It's been over 4 months since I originally sent him my headphones for a mod. He hasn't responded to my emails since early December.
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  7. feenjeen
    Did you have any luck? I have a similar issue.
    I posted some headphones for repair on 18 April and haven’t heard anything since. Two and half months.
    Tried both email and facebook messenger. Nothing. Very frustrating. Not good enough.

    Stupidly I didn’t use tracked postage so who knows if I’ll ever see them again.
  8. punit
    Well I did use tracked shipping when I sent mine & tracking showed that he had received them. But I have written him & my cables off now....Bad decision to deal with him.
    feenjeen likes this.
  9. feenjeen
    Well, just like that i received an email alert saying a parcel has been posted.
    No message about the lack of communications. Hopefully Brian is doing okay.
  10. Pingupenguins
    I am alive all! If there's any issues feel free to shoot me an email. I can happily report lead times have never been lower and I am paying close attention to communication!
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