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  1. kingblind
    Hi all, 
     I had the great fortune of getting my headphones recabled by BTG-Audio in Northern California (I don't live there, I simply shipped my headphones to him). The turn around was VERY quick, communication was excellent and pricing was great. I will include a picture of his work below, If anyone is interested in using him (his name is Brian Goto) here is his email address.   brian.goto.audio@gmail.com
  2. zzffnn
    I am very happy with Brian's work. Very creative and clean.
    Brian modified my CALs, ksc75s and recable my Sleek SA6s, at a very reasonable price. Very honest and diligent in communication as well.
    Brian did the following mod on my stock CALs: 1) MarkL mod with blutak (I chose not to use Dynamat); 2) recable to a single entry removable cable; 3) enable "wireless" function by connecting with a Sansa Clip mounted to inner headband (easily removable, note the standard single entry cable still works with mp3 player in my jean pocket). Photos of this mod can be found here:
    Also shown in those photos are the pair of Sleek SA6s that Brian recabled for me. The cable is of better quality than the stock.
    I will highly recommend Brian to anyone.
  3. zzffnn
    I like the headphones Brian modified for me a lot. So I posted a review with pictures here:
  4. MP3Weenie
    Brian did great work rewiring my Shure e4c's. The cable has way better microphonics than the stock cable.  I sent brian a picture of how I wore my headphones and he molded the cable and they stay in my ears better than ever! He took a lot time working out exactly what I wanted. You could never beat his prices so reasonable he basically works for free!!!!
  5. RYCeT Contributor
    I got Brian to recable 2 pair of AKG K81DJ and Beyer 770. His price is very reasonable and the quality of his work is pretty good. His turnaround is really fast and he provide you with ontime update. He really is a hidden gem to repair/recable a loose connection headphone.
  6. Il Mostro
    Thanks for the heads-up guys.  A new, and terrific sounding, resource for me. 
  7. kingblind
    Also, He has a website too!
  8. zzffnn
    I worked with Brian again.
    This time he built me a premium cotton-coated portable cable for my Lcd-2s. The cable is of very good quality and very flexible (so flexible that I can put the cable in my pocket and not feel much of it). It feels as if the cable has no weight or mass once it is on with Lcd-2s; imagine your Lcd-2s without cable, that is how it feels (my stock ADZ5 cable feels like garden hose). Sound quality of Brian's cable is as good as stock cable or better. Price is so good that it does seem like Brian is working for free! 
    Here is a picture of the portable Lcd-2 cable that Brain built for me:
  9. Delgadido
    I am giving BG(Brian) a shot, I ordered my ATH-M50s and going to have him mod it. These are my first real headphones. I dont remember the last time I bought headphones(excluding PC). I have been using earphones for years.
    Getting the removable cable mod, 4 ft of sleeved canare cable, and having him reuse the ATH cable to create another.
    I will be having a non modded set and the modded set to test the difference. I have 2 audio jacks on my computer so i can switch out fast and notice the difference between both.
    I will write a review and will be pretty thorough about his craftsmanship,

    I am new listening to quality sound so I can only judge if it is bad vs the non modded or not..
    I will also leave my information on the review to show that this is a legitimate testimony and pictures so people know that it is a legitimate review.
    My impression of him so far is that he is polite, very fast responding, and I feel like he is being very fair with pricing.
    I am paying for more than I expected, but I appreciate quality(That is why I always spend more than I want).
    He is pretty patient and he is good at explaining the difference of the products to me.
    My headphones have already been ordered and they are being overnighted to him(Amazon Prime)
  10. Delgadido
    I got the modded headphones back. Sounds the same as a non modded version. The jack replacement was clean and professional done. I got a premium cable from him as well. It did cost me quite a bit for the cable but I wanted a quality cable to take with me on the go that I know I wont break easily(knowing myself.

    Everything was wrapped and bagged when it came in.

    As I said Brian Goto is very friendly and he is very patient with me. I dont know much about audio products and he is teaching me as we go.

    To verify myself you can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/delgadido

    I am very pleased with his service and I would use his service in the future for any of my audio needs
  11. shotgunshane Contributor
    You guys might be interested in some work Brian did for me: he put removable cable sockets in my DBA-02.
  12. oddsratio
    Had my B2s modified in the same way as shotgunshane. Great work- quality & wouldn't hesitate to send in another pair for Brian to work on. My impressions+pictures are in this post:
    Pictures from this project are here:
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
  14. He11fire217
    I recently had the extreme pleasure of dealing with Brian Goto of BTG-Audio (http://btg-audio.webs.com/) while having my Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 repaired. He was very reasonably priced, did good quality work, went out of his way to make sure I got my item in a timely fashion, and is a really nice, professional guy.
    The UE Super.Fi 3s were my first (relatively) high-end earphones, but after a few years of periodic use, the silver cable was starting to turn green and come loose from the "Y". I ordered a replacement cable direct from UE, but when I was pulling out the cable from the IEM housing, the entire internal connector came out with it. UGH! I threw them in a drawer and opined for a few years about how I wished I could get them repaired (as they were out of warranty, UE refused to touch them) until I stumbled upon Head-Fi and thereby Brian Goto. I shot him an email with photos letting him know what I wanted done and we agreed on terms. I sent the IEM to him, he did the repair, and I got it back all within a week (including shipping both ways from IL to CA). The quality of workmanship is good, considering how small both the connector and IEM themselves are, and overall it was an excellent experience.
    His forte seems to be recabling or removable-cable mods for headphones, but, if this was any indication, he is more than capable of doing most electronics repairs. If you are in the market for a mod or repair, I highly recommend BTG-Audio!
    Showing the connector completely dislodged from the IEM housing and the housing itself.
    The cables attached after the repair. As you can see, there is a little bit more of a gap in the repaired IEM than the non-repaired one, but Brian warned me that that may happen during the repair. It doesn't affect the usage or feel of the IEMs in any way and is not as noticeable in person as it is in that photo. Of course when they're in my ears, they're in a position that it's not viewable at all. 
    Again, cable attached, all is well! 
  15. Tippolas
    Brian re-cabled my D2000's and also made me a 1.5' extension with a 3" interconnect. Very good quality cables. I would definitely recommend him.
    EDIT: After a few months of hardly any use the cables he made for me have oxidized and turned green. After many e-mails he simply refuses to correct the issue. He claims to have had knowledge that it was a possibility but never informed me of the risk.
    Buyer Beware
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