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Bryan Fox at Zynsonix is the best of the best

  1. hankbe461
    I recently purchased a replacement cable for my new Beyerdynamic T5P v.2 headphones from Bryan Fox at Zynsonix and it was a most enjoyable but difficult transaction. He built the 8 ft cable for me and one of the terminals was defective and he had to re-order the connector. I was impatiently waiting when he sadly informed me that the supplier sent him a wrong part and he had to re-order and requested priority mail. I was unhappy and wanted to cancel the order, but Bryan offered me a generous discount and I did not cancel out. He notified me when everything was done and issued me a refund. I received the cable and was flabbergasted by the quality of his work and the fact that his cable sounded so much better than the stock cable. The whole deal took over a month to complete but I am a very happy customer and I highly recommend Bryan and his business. He was super helpful and understanding, and he kept me onboard. I definitely recommend him to anyone in need of any of the products sold byZynsonix.
    Hank Bottieri
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