Brown-base Mullard EL34 xf1 NOS Quad-Matched Set - Pristine Condition (RARE)
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Feb 1, 2010
I am told these were the rarest and most difficult to find tubes in this condition.  I have purchased them nearly a year ago from Audiogon, but except for measuring them in the tube tester (shown) I have not used them at all since they were intended for my BHSE.  Since I had to cancel my order, I need to let these go as well.
All 4 tested strong, very low emissions.  I don't have actual numbers because the B&K tester doesn't have a reporting feature but I guarantee all four will work.  My asking price is the actual price paid for them and for obvious reasons I do not want to lose money on such a rare set.  Strongly prefer to keep them in the US, due to risks associated with customs inspections, etc.
If you are still one of the lucky ones that will be receiving a BHSE or already own one, these are definitely among, if not the best tubes you can buy for it.  This is why I did even though I understand a quad-matched set is not really necessary, however, xf1 Mullards are rare even in matched pairs.
Best offers will be considered, but unreasonable ones will be ignored.  I'm open to all shipping options requested by the buyer.  I'm not in a rush either, if I can't get a decent offer, I will keep them.  Perhaps one day I may own a BHSE after all.
PayPal or cash payment only (the latter for local pickup).  Established members with appropriate feedback will be given preference.  Thanks for looking!
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