Broken Fidelio L1 headphones advice.
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Jul 10, 2019
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I was hoping someone could have a look and advise me if it's possible to fix my Fidelio headphones.

The 'cans' are very loose, so much so that they were falling of easily when I bent my head down.

I tried to fix this by turning the screw where the can connects to the fixed part connected to the headband.

But the screw didn't turn, it just snapped off. I didn't use much force either and I'm puzzled why it didn't turn because it looks like a 'tightening' screw.

I haven't touched the other screw.

I can't ask Philips for spares as they want details that come with purchase and these are second hand.

I would love to be able to have tightening screws put on so I can fix the looseness.

However the screws, if they are screws, look very proprietry and I'm not even sure if it's possible to fix them as the bottom of the broken screw is still stuck in the 'can' and the top part of the screw is stuck in place too.

Thanks very any advice.

(Attached two photos of broken screw and one of the other side still intact.)

FidelioBrokenScrew.jpg FidelioBrokenScrew2.jpg FidelioSrewAttached2.jpg
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