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Broke my Fischer Audio Eterna - Any IEM close to this price/performance sweet-spot?

  1. arh2o
    So i broke my Eternas - dropped my ipod which yanked out the cords.  Anyways, I immediately looked to buy a replacement Eterna but they are hard as hell to find in stock.  Even eBay has none listed. I cried silently.
    That said, I'm looking for something maybe $100-150 or less that will replace them.  I mainly listen to trance/house, hip hop, and pop music.  I loved the bass and the energy of the Eternas.  Right now I'm using my backup Klipsch S4 and they are unfortunately not doing it for me.  The bass, and extension of the bass, on the S4 is much less and it's definitely not as fun.  The mids on the S4 are not as good as the Eternas as well. 
    Any recommendations? Thank you in advance.
  2. ashxcore
    Funny, we're in nearly the same boat, except I STEPPED on my beloved Eternas. The housing held together for a time, then didn't...
    My budget has been drastically reduced, though. I was looking at the S4s on eBay because they're so fscking cheap, like $30-40. Would I be horribly disappointed or do you think they sound alright for the price? I imagine I wouldn't complain, though, because I loaned my Meelec M3s to a frienemy who has not returned them, and my roommate loaned me some crappy JVC earBUDS that I am currently using, so just about anything would be an upgrade... [​IMG]

    Maybe my thread will help you, except the budget is lower than yours:
  3. ZARIM
    CKS90, EX510, MTP Pearl, EX600, GR07 and TF10Pro.
  4. davidcotton

    If they are balanced armature design how about getting them reshelled into customs?


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