Broke Klipsch Image X5: Something comparable without cable microphonics?
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Dec 9, 2009
I've had my pair of Image X5's forever, but finally somehow the cable towards the jack has a short in it - I get steady left sound and crackling/non-existent, these are a goner. :frowning2:

I use these for train riding and also when working with power equipment, always connected to my Android smartphone. Because of the two different uses, I really appreciate the noise isolation when using power equipment (they don't hurt on the train either when it's noisy), and I like having the lightness of the headphone in my ear canal and not at the outside of my ear.

One thing I didn't like about the X5 (apart from no user replaceable cable) is the microphonics. When walking through the yard of when the wind blows on the tractor, it can pick up quite a bit.

So I'm looking for an X5 like IEM, with ideally a user replaceable cable, that has less microphonics than the X5 has. I don't want to say price isn't a concern but $400 isn't going to break me, so I'd say that's about my maximum. Any suggestions?

(I listen to mostly country, rock, alternative, infrequently hiphop)

Thanks for any help here!

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Hey there,
First of all, have you double checked that it's the earphones that are crapping out and not your phone? Maybe you've already done it, but before you invest in new 'phones try plugging them into another source (or try another pair of head-/earphones with your Android). It'd stink to get a new pair of IEMs only to realize it's your phone that's having problems.

Second, I doubt that I'll have any real suggestions (my experience is fairly limited), but it'd help others if you list what sorts of music you listen to and your preferred sound signature. If you don't know your preferred signature, maybe tell us specifics about what you liked and want improved about your X5.

Also, was it wind noise that you didn't like about the X5, or was it microphonics? I usually think of microphonics as being noise transferred from the cable (rustling against your clothes, getting bumped, etc.), and wind noise is generally from the earpieces themselves. The best way to avoid microphonics is with earphones that loop over your ears.

If you want something in a similar form factor to the X5, you might check out the JAYS qJAYS. I haven't heard the newer version, but enjoyed the original for many years. I imagine the new ones are similar. The one drawback of the originals was that the bass was a little thin for hip hop or electronic, but it was great with a bit of bass boost. I don't know if they changed it in the second version.
Small form factor, detachable cable, can be worn over ear, great isolation. I think the MSRP is (or was) around $400, but I believe they can be had for much less.

EDIT: Oops! Just realized you did list your preferred genres. Carry on!
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