Brimar Audio Labs - Reviews/Impressions

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  1. ranfan
    wow, sorry. you could try labkable though. i met the founder and their marketing manager. and they offered me review units with free shipping. brimar audio i think doesn't really do any promotions, creevy said. but i didn't realize customer service as well.
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    I got screwed outta 4 weeks of my life waiting for something that never happened.
    I just copy pasted their stuff and sent it back to them asking what happened and they do not reply.
    I'd rather a company is aloof to everyone than hear they are great for some and zero for others. They still owe some kind of explanation.
    All my cables are custom.
    I know I gotta wait.
    Brimar just flat out screwed me
  3. honeyjjack
    Any updates to this ghost company? Ive been trying to contact them for a year now.
  4. haiku
    Sadly, it seems that Brimar is out of business. Fortunately, I was able to get the beautiful "Monarch Supreme Reference" 3.5mm IC. Will do a shoot out against the Brise "Murakumo" IC. Might be veeery interesting....! :sunglasses:
  5. haiku
    Ordered the "Supreme Reference Monarch (The Force)" for my Layla II. Will compare against the Brise Ref14.
  6. haiku
    Just got the confirmation that Brimar Audio is alive and well. I´m chatting with Mr. Yu right now!
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Brimar owes me a 2 pin balanced cable.
  8. haiku
    2 new beauties chez haiku!
  9. RuFrost
    I want to experience some products (particular interconnectors, mini to mini 3.5mm) in Russia. Are they any ways to fulfill it?
  10. haiku
    This year, Brimar will launch some new and very special products. Watch this space closely, folks...... :ok_hand:
  11. haiku
    This short comparison between the Brimar Audio Labs Omni King 16 Braids vs the Brise Audio Murakumo6 was done by myself on request of Takuya Sugiyama (Hi Takuya!) Maybe it´s also of interest to all of you, so here we go....

    Sound quality comparison Brimar Audio Labs Omni King 16 Braids vs Brise Audio Murakumo6
    Source: AK380 Black Limited Edition
    Reference Earphones: Shure KSE1500
    Music: Isao Suzuki Trio "Manha De Carnaval“ from Black Orpheus, Three Blind Mice Records/1976, Flac 44.1, Ripped by AK Ripper MKII

    Omni King
    Very analog, much air between instruments, excellent bass slam and body, big headroom, excellent flow, spectacular dynamics, great detail, pitch black background, high definition mids, treble has the best extension I have ever heard, sparkly and rich sounding, also best separation I´ve heard.

    More neutral, reference like sound, soundstage is closer but bigger than OK, more in your face, worse pace rhythm and timing than OK, music seems slower, rather metallic sounding, not as enjoyable as OK, treble even more extended than OK, but with less sparkle, even more air between instruments than OK, but also leaner, rather anemic in it´s presentation, better detail than OK, even bigger headroom than OK.

    All in all it´s a matter of preference, although the Murakumo6 for me has almost too much air between instruments, which makes the presentation of the instruments sound rather lean and anemic. Also with the metallic flavor of it´s sound, the Murakumo6 takes 2nd place. The sound of the Omni King with almost 4 x the cost of the Murakumo6 is like a dish at a fine french restaurant: Rich, meaty with plenty of everything you´d ever wish for, but for beginners it might be almost too much to digest.

    IMG_0314.JPG IMG_0315.JPG IMG_0318.JPG
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  12. azabu
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