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  1. sonickarma

    Yes Brimar Audio Labs can make pretty much any cable on request. He's seems to source very good parts also but if you have other preferences for specific vendor components I'm sure he would be able to accommodate.
  2. sonickarma
    Apologies for those who asked about when I will post the 'Monarch Supreme Reference 8 braid Layla cable' review and upgrade differences versus the 4 braid.
    I am still waiting on my order to get processed I will keep you updated when I receive it.
    Also when ordering I asked for the bass calibration dial but Creevy convinced me against it - I thought I would pass on the info.
    Brimar Quote:
    Will keep you updated on the review.
  3. sonickarma
    I'm sure he can help if you contact him, did you get a reply?
    Not sure if the other guys got their cables also as he's seems awol again?
  4. iichigoz
    Anyone here tried any Brimar cable with a custom Layla and can advise which is the most suitable pairing for it? Thanks!
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    This guy is off the reservation and radar. I asked for a custom micro b to micro b on January 1 (3 months ago) and never got any follow up replies...nothing. Proceed with caution.
    Make customs and are more reliable and peterek is simply outstanding.
  6. sonickarma
    Shame he's not responding to anyone (including me), he does make great products but as you say if there are no communications it doesn't bode well.
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Man look at the pic in the gallery box. That looks awesome. Too bad he fell off. Maybe he had a kid and he will come back? Life happens. Hope he is O.K..
  8. sonickarma
    He posted on his facebook page on the 2nd April - so still seems active.
    Not sure what's happening ....
    I emailed him one last time.
  9. Wfanning1
    Was in good contact with crevvy at the end of january till about the middle of february then lost him email after email never responded, then out of left field i get an email from him about 11 days ago! Saying business had been busy replied back to him and never heard back again and that was about 12 days ago!
    its pretty sad as i am sure he could do a ton of business here in the states! But so far has proven unreliable twice now!
  10. sonickarma

    I contacted him 4 times in the last month but no replies, i've given up now.
  11. audionewbi
    Sadly I never heard from him. 
  12. ranfan
    a friend of a friend of mine just bought the totl brimar cable at canjam sg, yesterday. gold material, around $ 4-5k. afterwards, he let me try. simply awesome, and out of this world. he said he bought it because, "it made the music alive." :)
  13. sonickarma
    Wow -  Cool!
  14. ranfan
    it is no longer i met creevy, a great guy. and he said to contact him there if any
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
      They screwed me pretty bad
    I had no options for the Mojo and they said they would make one.
    I would buy it.
    Then they say...just keep it
    You want a gold one too?
    We can send you 3
    tha fuu
    I shoulda seen the troll but I was asking and wanting to buy one for mojo when options were very limited. They just shut down and ignored me and my money.
    At that time it was beyond infuriating. I didn't want...I NEEDED that cable and got screwed by wasting time and waiting for something that was never even made
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