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Break Down Rant....

  1. Paul Graham
    Arghhhh, What is it with stuff breaking down lately?
    Must be something in the air in my manor lol......
    within the last month Ive had the battery in my PB2 fail, The left driver of my IE8's has decided to go as quiet as a mouse with a whisper, My Westone UM1's right driver decided to have a laugh and copy the Sennheisers.....
    And two of my hi-fi amps are playing up.
    All out of warranty, And just before our Anniversary/Christmas.
    Bloody Sods Law eh?
    Anyway, Now I'll be IEMless until next year, which is going to be very weird when listening on the go. ( I don't use on or over ears when Im out and about. )
    p.s. Dear Santa, Ive been a good boy this year, Please put some new IEM's under my tree :) :) :) hehe
  2. billybob_jcv
    Dear Paul:


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  3. Paul Graham

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