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Bravo Ocean tube rolling suggestions

  1. LightDarkSonic
    Hi, I currently have a Bravo Ocean and want to somehow improve its sound, I swapped the stock Shugang tube for a Electro Harmonix one (both are 12au7, as far I know that's the only type I'm sure it can handle, not sure about the 12ax7 though), I never could test the stock because well I didn't know tube were so fragile and to make it worse I tried to pull out the tube forcing in the the wrong direction, so I ended up breaking it before being able to use it. I bought it together with my Bravo, I heard its better than the stock one, but don't know how much or if there are people who prefer the stock. I also would like to know what is the sound signature from this tube and the one from the stock and hear your recommendations! Help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. JazzVinyl
    This tube:
    Should be usable in the Bravo Ocean if you use a 12au7 socket extender, then, use an FDD20 to 12AU7 socket adapter.
    You would have to remove the chrome upside down U that protects the 12AU7 and the FDD20 would have to be up, and out over the top of the alum Ocean case.  Would surely run a lot hotter than the 12AU7 as well, but you should be rewarded with big clear dynamic sound for your efforts...
  3. Soundsgoodtome
    ^ That seems like a crazy contraption.. pics of it with adapters and extenders?

    For now I have a Vintage Amperex (labled as Harmon Kardon) 12AU7 and it sounds great. Prefer it over stock; can be had for $25-$45 on E-bay depending on grade.
  4. JazzVinyl
    My FDD20 conversion did not work. The heaters to the 12au7 are connected in series, I believe, and do not work for this FDD20 tube.

    Presently, I am using a Baldwin 12AU7 (early 1960's and made by Sylvania). and it sounds wonderful. Prior to the Sylvania, I tried a few RCA Clear Top side getters and did not care for any that I tried. The stock Chinese tube sounded better than the RCA's to me.

    But, very happy with the Baldwin (Sylvania) it was not expensive, due to the rebranding.


  5. JazzVinyl
    Here is a picture of my "Ocean" with the tube extender in place, so that I can have the 12AU7 "fully exposed":


    Use mine at work with a pair of Beyer DT-990 (600 ohm version).


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  6. Johnny Jumper
    What’s the latest on this idea? Just got the Massdrop Bravo Ocean and the sound is too “warm”. Any ideas on pushing the mids a little more or making it flatter in general?
  7. LightDarkSonic
    Hmmm, the stock tube is quite warm that much I'm pretty sure but mine broke before I could use it but everyone seems to agree on it, I'm not much of a tube guy but I really enjoy mine with a RCA Clear Top, it's pretty good, I had the opportunity of getting it on the home of the vendor and he had a bunch of tubes there, the Clear Top from the ones I did test out was my favorite that's for sure and it's not that expensive either. It has a good slam as in a good satisfying impact but not muddy on the bass and is quite clearer than what I was using before. The Bravos aren't detail monsters and seems to be on the warm side by itself too so there's that, not every headphone will sinergize well with it too.
  8. thanks4alltheFish
    Have you tried any other small tube amps? I'm contemplating between this and a little dot.
  9. LightDarkSonic
    Unfortunately no, I haven't.
  10. madnanny2

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